What Security System is Right for my Home?

What Security System is Right for my Home?

Choosing the best home security system that suits your home is crucial, as it gives you the confidence and peace of mind that you, your family, and your belongings are being kept safe at all times. Adeva Security offers a few home security packages that can be tailored and custom fit to any property layout, no matter the size. Our home security systems provide comprehensive monitoring abilities in a range of different forms, from visual monitoring, to audio and smoke monitoring.

Our Secure Home Fundamental Package

The Secure Home Fundamental Package is one of the best home security systems on the market. It offers comprehensive security for your home which includes motion and entry detectors, smoke and heat detectors, home security cameras and a wireless monitoring system. All these aspects are focused on integrated solutions in a back to base mobile app that allows you to monitor all of this from wherever you are. The package includes a wall panel, two motion sensors, two door contacts and a smoke alarm.

Secure Home Advanced Package

The Secure Home Advanced Package is a high-quality home security system offered by the team at Adeva Security. Like the Fundamental Package, this security system integrates a range of different security devices and systems, giving you a comprehensive and thorough home security system that you can rely on and trust. It includes all the components of the Fundamental Package, with the addition of a home automation system. A home automation system enables the property owner to control electronic devices within the home, by using a mobile app.

4 x CCTV Camera Package

This package includes four high-quality CCTV home security cameras that can be installed in any area of your home. The team at Adeva Security are experts in identifying and locating potential weak points that intruders could target, and place large and highly visible cameras to deter them from entering the property.

Trusted Installation Services

As well as offering the best home security system in Australia, the team at Adeva Security also provide trusted installation services. We will come to your home and install the system, ensuring that all monitoring devices are placed in areas that will be of the most help to deter intruders or, if they happen to break into your property, catch them on camera. We will also teach you exactly how the system works and provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to ensure that you understand how to adjust the system, and how to make sure it is consistently working effectively.

Feel free to reach out online to our friendly team or call 1300 773 633 to learn more about our security systems.