Revolutionizing Solar Power with Vertical Solar Poles

In the quest for sustainable energy solutions, Adeva Security introduces our revolutionary vertical solar poles, designed to harness the abundant power of the sun. These innovative structures pave the way for renewable energy in off-grid applications, offering a reliable and sustainable source of power that ensures uninterrupted operation, even in the most remote and challenging environments.

The vertical solar poles perfectly blend cutting-edge design and effortless installation. They are meticulously engineered to optimise solar energy absorption, converting sunlight into usable electricity. Equipped with advanced photovoltaic panels, these poles efficiently capture solar energy throughout the day, maximising power generation and minimising reliance on traditional grid systems.

The advantages of our vertical solar poles extend beyond their energy-generating capabilities. Their sleek and compact design allows for easy integration into various landscapes and infrastructures, complementing the aesthetics of your off-grid application. In addition, with a modular and scalable approach, you can customise the installation based on your specific energy requirements, ensuring optimal power supply for your unique needs.

Hanwha SolidEDGE Technology for Off-Grid and Remote Applications

Serverless Edge Recording: SolidEDGE offers edge-based video recording capabilities with its built-in 1TB or 2TB rugged solid-state drive (SSD). This ensures reliable and efficient storage of recorded footage directly on the device.

Cloud-Managed: Enjoy the convenience of cloud management with SolidEDGE. The solution includes a WAVE Video Management System (VMS) license, allowing for easy monitoring and access to video feeds from anywhere.

Flexible Structure: Expand your surveillance capabilities effortlessly with SolidEDGE. It can record footage from up to five additional cameras, and its functionality can be seamlessly merged with other SolidEDGE sites.

Easy Setup: Say goodbye to complicated installation and server maintenance. SolidEDGE is designed for hassle-free setup, ensuring a smooth and straightforward deployment process.

Secure by Default: Rest assured knowing that SolidEDGE prioritizes security. It comes equipped with embedded TPM 2.0 technology and meets JTAG standards, providing robust security features.

Reinforced Durability: SolidEDGE is built to withstand various environmental conditions. With multiple mounting options available, it offers durability and reliability in any setting.

IP Audio System: Enhanced Security for Off-Grid and Remote Applications

Hanwha Vision’s IP Audio System seamlessly integrates with advanced surveillance systems, adding an extra layer of security for off-grid and remote environments.

Flexible Standalone or Integrated Solution: The IP Audio System functions independently or integrates with video surveillance. It broadcasts real-time or prerecorded messages, deterring threats before they escalate.

Text to Speech (TTS) Capabilities: Customized TTS messages broadcast as audio warnings in public settings, reducing criminal behavior. For example, an audio warning can be issued if someone hovers too close to an ATM user.

Enhanced Perimeter Security: The IP audio system issues warnings upon detecting potential infiltration, instructing individuals to keep away when a breach is detected.

Seamless Integration and Customization: Integrates with video management systems (VMS) and network video recorders (NVR). Users can choose the speaker and monitor audio functionality through the web viewer.

Smooth and Customizable Messaging: Messages are conveyed harmoniously in multiple languages, ensuring clear communication without inducing panic or disruption.

Experience enhanced security and seamless integration with Hanwha Vision’s IP Audio System. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of our advanced IP audio technology.

Cloud Managed Access Control for Off-Grid and Remote Applications

Discover the power of Openpath, the fastest and most reliable touchless access control system available.

Versatile Reader Options: Openpath readers support various access methods, including mobile devices, keycards, fobs, RFID, Apple Watch, and secure pin codes with multi-factor authentication.

Intuitive Software Platform: Experience the convenience of an intuitive, open software platform with remote management capabilities. Dynamic access permissions and real-time custom reports provide enhanced control and visibility.

Enhanced Safety Features: Openpath prioritizes safety with powerful features such as occupancy tracking, video surveillance management, and emergency lockdown triggers, ensuring a secure environment at all times.

Scalable Solution: Whether you need to secure a single entry point or an entire multisite enterprise, Openpath offers scalable hardware and software solutions that meet your needs with ease.

Future-Proof Technology: Stay ahead with Openpath’s future-proof hardware and software. Automatic updates and encryption at every level ensure your access control system remains up to date and secure.

Seamless Integration: Openpath seamlessly integrates with your existing security hardware and everyday software applications, providing a cohesive and streamlined experience.

Empowering Remote Agricultural Sites

In the vast agricultural landscape, reliable grid power and connectivity are often unreliable and inaccessible when they are needed the most.

The process of supplying power to these remote sites can be intricate, costly, and time-consuming. It involves extensive cabling, heavy machinery, and significant downtime, negatively impacting business operations. However, with PowerStack from Adeva Security, you can keep your power flowing, maintain uninterrupted production, and ensure the safety of your site, assets, and personnel.

PowerStack provides a robust solution that keeps your operations powered up and running smoothly, even in remote agricultural locations. Say goodbye to the complexities and expenses associated with traditional power supply methods. PowerStack offers a dependable and efficient alternative, allowing you to overcome power challenges and safeguard your productivity.

Choose Adeva Security’s PowerStack and experience the peace of mind that comes with uninterrupted power supply, seamless production processes, and enhanced safety for your agricultural site.

Municipal / Smart City

In the vast landscape of modern municipalities and smart cities, the need for reliable grid power and connectivity is more critical than ever. Unfortunately, traditional power supply and connectivity options often fall short, leaving these areas with unreliable and inaccessible resources.

The process of supplying power and connectivity to municipal and smart city sites can be complex, costly, and time-consuming. Extensive cabling, heavy machinery, and significant downtime can disrupt vital services and hamper the efficiency of these urban environments. However, with Adeva Security’s PowerStack, you can ensure continuous power, seamless connectivity, and optimal functioning of your municipal or smart city infrastructure.

PowerStack offers a robust solution specifically designed for municipal and smart city applications. It eliminates the complexities and expenses associated with traditional power supply methods, providing a reliable and efficient alternative. With PowerStack, you can overcome power challenges, enhance connectivity, and ensure the smooth operation of critical services in your municipality or smart city.

Choose Adeva Security’s PowerStack and experience the peace of mind that comes with uninterrupted power supply, seamless connectivity, and the efficient functioning of your municipal or smart city infrastructure.

Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure

In today’s world, the security of critical infrastructure is paramount. It is essential to have reliable surveillance and monitoring systems in place to ensure the smooth operation of vital services that meet the demands of our modern lives. PowerStack, with its unrivalled off-grid power, connectivity, and safety features, has successfully addressed the security challenges faced by critical infrastructure, delivering a comprehensive solution to you.

PowerStack guarantees an uninterrupted power supply for your site, 24/7. With a robust 5-day power backup, you can rest assured that your critical infrastructure remains operational, keeping you connected and secure at all times.

Secure Off-Grid Solutions: Integrated Power, Surveillance, and Access Control for Uncompromising Security

Adeva Security offers the ultimate integrated solution. Combining our revolutionary products creates a seamless and powerful system tailor-made for off-grid environments.

Our integrated solution starts with our vertical solar poles, harnessing the sun’s power to provide renewable energy for off-grid applications. These poles offer a reliable and sustainable energy source, ensuring uninterrupted operation in even the most remote locations.

Building upon this foundation, our Hanwha SolidEDGE technology takes your security to the next level. With cutting-edge video surveillance capabilities, including serverless edge recording and cloud management, you can easily monitor and record footage. In addition, the system’s flexibility allows for seamless integration with other components, creating a comprehensive security ecosystem.

Our IP audio systems provide an additional layer of protection to enhance security further. These systems effectively deter criminal behaviour and maintain a safe environment by leveraging audio warnings and messages, whether border monitoring or public safety; our IP audio systems ensure effective communication and comprehensive security coverage.

Completing the integrated solution is our cloud-managed access control system. This advanced technology allows for secure and convenient access management, giving you complete control over entry points remotely. In addition, with multi-factor authentication and real-time custom reports, you can ensure that only authorised individuals can access your off-grid site.

Combining these essential components, Adeva Security offers a cohesive and robust solution for off-grid security. Our integrated approach maximises operational efficiency, minimises vulnerabilities, and provides peace of mind in even the most challenging off-grid environments.

Choose the best option for your off-grid security needs.  Then, contact Adeva Security today to explore how our integrated solutions can transform your off-grid location into a safe and reliable space.

Experience the power of integration and ensure the utmost security for your off-grid application.