Women using a access card for gym entrance

Women using a access card for gym entrance

Effective Gym Surveillance and Security in Australia

As a gym owner, it is important that you feel confident that both your gym equipment and the members of your gym are always safe. Whether you are the owner of a small gym, or a large gym franchise, it is still very likely that you will have a range of expensive gym equipment that should be as secure as possible. Furthermore, it is vital that member of your gym feels confident that their belongings are being securely kept while performing their workouts. By neglecting any of these points, you are putting yourself and your business at risk of potential property and revenue loss, as well as the chance of losing members to other gyms that you are competing against. Therefore, it is in your best interest to make the most of quality security systems, such as investing in a swipe card access system for gym members, to safeguard your gym against these risks.

What Gym Surveillance Systems do Fitness Centres Require?

A high resolution and quality CCTV video surveillance system is imperative in maintaining a secure and safe environment in your fitness centre. Installing CCTV cameras works to your benefit in two different ways. Firstly, when set up correctly and in the right areas, any criminal activity such as theft, vandalism or property damage will be caught on video and can be used for either insurance means, or in serious cases, prosecution of the perpetrator. Secondly, the simple fact of having visible CCTV cameras installed is a clear deterrence for individuals to commit criminal acts. Knowing that they are being filmed encourages people to stay on their best behaviour. For the best gym access control systems Australia has to offer, contact Adeva Security. We can install a swipe card access system for gym members, as well as keyless lock systems so that members can store their belongings safely without having to carry a key around with them during their workout.

How Adeva Security Can Help

With decades of experience in the security systems industry, our dedicated staff know how to set up surveillance systems to best protect your property. We will come to your fitness centre and allocate areas that we feel need cameras installed and point out potential weak spots that the untrained eye may have otherwise missed. We will also install access control systems, such as a swipe card access system for your gym and show you how to use it. We offer a wide variety of products, ranging in quality and in costs, which gives you as the owner, the freedom to choose the products that best suit your property and your budget.

 Get in touch with us today to find out more about the best gym access control systems Australia has to offer, and how we can make your gym safer, by calling us on 1300 773 633.

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