Vaping Regulations

As Australia implements sweeping smoking reforms, including a ban on non-prescription vapes and stringent quality standards, businesses and government locations need a reliable partner to ensure compliance. Adeva Security is here to help.

Our expertise in security solutions makes us the ideal ally in adhering to and enforcing these new initiatives. With our comprehensive range of services, we can assist in implementing strict control measures to prevent the importation of non-prescription vaping products. By leveraging our cutting-edge technologies, such as HALO Smart Sensor integration with Avigilon Control Center, we can monitor areas to detect any prohibited vaping activities.

Introducing Adeva Security: Revolutionizing Safety with HALO Smart Sensor Integration

At Adeva Security, we are committed to providing innovative and comprehensive security solutions to safeguard your environment. We are proud to announce our partnership with IPVideo Corporation and Avigilon, bringing you the groundbreaking integration of HALO Smart Sensor with Avigilon Control Center (ACC). This powerful combination offers unparalleled security, privacy, and real-time monitoring capabilities, ensuring a safer and cleaner environment for everyone.

HALO Smart Sensor, designed by IPVideo Corporation, is a cutting-edge device that goes beyond traditional security measures. By leveraging advanced technology, HALO detects critical events in areas where privacy concerns arise, such as bathrooms, private hotel rooms, and other restricted areas where cameras are not permitted. With its ability to monitor environmental and air quality changes, HALO addresses the pressing issue of vaping, smoking, chemical presence, and more. This not only helps combat the youth vaping epidemic but also serves as a crucial tool in identifying bullying, fighting, and other potential threats.

With the integration of HALO Smart Sensor and Avigilon Control Center (ACC), powered by Motorola Solutions’ AI technology, Adeva Security offers an all-in-one intelligent solution. A single HALO sensor provides comprehensive functionality, including Vape and THC detection, air quality monitoring, aggression detection, calls for help, gunshot detection, chemical and gas detection, and vandalism and trespassing alerts. This consolidated approach saves you time, effort, and costs associated with implementing multiple standalone systems.

Real-time alerts are a critical aspect of effective security management, and with HALO and ACC integration, you can stay informed and proactive. When HALO detects an anomaly, it triggers an alert in Avigilon Control Center, ensuring immediate attention to the incident. Additionally, the nearby camera to the HALO sensor will provide a live feed directly in ACC. This seamless integration enables security operators and administrators to swiftly respond, identify individuals, and take appropriate action, preventing potential threats from escalating.

At Adeva Security, we understand the importance of cost savings without compromising safety. HALO Smart Sensor helps reduce expenses by preventing damage and associated cleaning costs caused by smoke particles and poor air quality. By identifying these issues in real-time, prompt action can be taken, mitigating potential risks and minimizing the financial impact on your organization.

Installation and setup have never been easier with HALO Smart Sensor. Its lightweight design, along with two mounting options and a small frame, ensures effortless installation, saving you time and resources. Adeva Security’s team of experts will guide you through the process, providing seamless integration with Avigilon Control Center and tailoring the solution to your specific security needs.

Adeva Security, together with HALO Smart Sensor and Avigilon Control Center, empowers you to create a secure and protected environment where safety is paramount. Experience the next level of security innovation with our integrated solution and gain peace of mind knowing that you have the most advanced technology working for you.

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