Integrated Solutions.

At Adeva, we understand the importance of integrating your Security Solutions to help minimize risk to your organization and maximize your business’s efficiencies.

Adeva Security helps to merge your IT and security seamlessly. We strive to provide a ‘single pane of glass’ solution which allows your business to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Tailored to suit your business.

We work with you to customise a system bespoke to your business. Our technical engineers will conduct a deep needs analysis and audit to understand the unique requirements for your application. We provide a variety of services ranging from risk and vulnerability assessments to full-scale project design. We specialise in Integrated Solutions of all types including:

  • IP Cameras
  • Security and Access Control systems
  • System Health Monitoring
  • Aggregation of Multiple Sites into an easy-to-use solution
  • Central Monitoring (Back to Base)
  • Number Plate Recognition as a mode of Access Control
  • Operational Efficiencies from Analytics
  • Process Anomaly Detection

We can also integrate 3rd party platforms like Payroll, HR, Active Directory, and various OH&S applications. In addition to security solutions, Adeva also offers a variety of connectivity options. Through our partner network, we can provide telecommunications solutions of all types.  Whether you need high-bandwidth internet in remote locations or you are looking for a more cost-effective solution to your business mobile plans, Adeva has a product offering that can improve your services while saving you money.