Hospitality Security Systems monitored by CCTV Camera

Hospitality Security Systems monitored by CCTV Camera

Australia’s Top Leading Hospitality Security Systems

Throughout Australia, the hospitality industry is bustling and although long lines of customers and packed tables is a good thing for restaurant owners, it also leaves you and your business exposed to potential burglaries, theft, and vandalism. Furthermore, the hospitality industry is one of the few industries remaining that utilises cash payments on a regular basis, which gives thieves even more incentive to target your business. Having a quality security system that can monitor the most important areas of your restaurant, bar, or café, is necessary to keep your business safe from potential crime related incidences.

Understanding the Need for Hospitality Security Systems

At Adeva Security, we take hospitality security seriously. We are also experts in customising a security system to best suit the needs of your commercial property. Protecting against theft and vandalism is not the only use for security systems in hospitality. Certain equipment, such as CCTV for restaurants, can also be used to monitor health and safety requirements in your kitchen. It also gives your employees further motivation to ensure they are following the strict and proper hygiene and cleanliness standards that should be met in all restaurants, bars, and cafés. When your employees know that they are being monitored, they are far more likely to put these health and safety practices into place.

Quality and Reliable CCTV Products For Restaurants & Hotels

Adeva Security is one of Australia’s most trusted hospitality security providers and installation companies. We are experts in the field and have a proven track record of client satisfaction. We have a range of packages, equipment, products, and services that can be tailored and customised to best fit the needs of your business. By integrating alarm, security cameras, video analytics software, IP surveillance, access control and CCTV for restaurants, bars, and cafes, you can be confident that your hospitality business is well protected.

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