CCTV security system to patient monitor in hospital emergency

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Hospitals and clinics are often very busy and high-traffic areas. It is true that many employees in hospitals are highly trained to deal with a range of patients and situations, such as individuals that are sick, suffering from intense or chronic pain, or in drug induced fits. This can be highly unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. Hospital security requirements vary depending on location and size of the hospital, however with hospitals holding large amounts of prescription drugs, it can make them a prime target for theft, damage, and potential violence. Therefore, a quality security system can prove highly useful in these settings.

Adeva Security’s Healthcare Security System Packages

Hospital security requirements should provide adequate security to deter antisocial behaviour towards staff and other patients, while also offering comprehensive monitoring of common areas to reduce the risk of medical supply theft and damage to expensive equipment. We also recommend the implementation of panic buttons for all staff to alert management or emergency response units in the case of dealing with aggressive patients. With a quality back to base monitoring system, hospitals can monitor potential internal and external perpetrators, as well as keep video records of any inventory or financial theft.

Security Systems in Dental Clinics

Dental clinics are often run by only a few employees. Furthermore, the dentist themselves and their assistants, are usually too preoccupied and busy working on patients to keep an eye on activities occurring throughout the clinic. A receptionist is usually the only person that deals with customers on a regular basis, and one set of eyes is simply not enough to protect the clinic against potential theft, vandalism, and damage. This is why implementing a quality dental clinic security system, that includes CCTV cameras, alarm systems, access control and wireless back to end monitoring systems can prove the difference between a safe environment and one that is subject to theft and property damage.

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