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Home Security Hacks

Your home should be a place where you and your family feel safe and secure. But, in Australia, a burglary occurs every 3 minutes. As a result, you need to be proactive in protecting what matters most. There is some good news here: improving your home’s safety could be simpler than you think. Here are some simple home security hacks to improve the safety of your home.

Do Automatic Lights Deter Burglars?

Automatic lights can help ensure that burglars have nowhere to hide. Burglars are more likely to target homes where they think that they’ll be able to enter, commit the crime and leave without being seen or heard. By using automatic lights, you can help to make any potential intruder feel as though they’re exposed and identifiable.

As we begin to age as a population, it has become more and more popular for elderly people to live at home until later in life. This is a popular option for many due to the increased freedom it provides.

Horror Stories from Christmas Burglaries

As homes become loaded with presents and people spend more time visiting their loved ones, houses become more vulnerable. Here are some horror stories from Christmas burglaries from the past few years, as well as advice on how you can protect your home.

Christmas Home Security Tips

Many thieves see the festive period as the perfect opportunity to strike, meaning Christmas Eve and New Year are the peak times for property offences such as burglaries. Fortunately, help is at hand. Here are some top tips to help make sure your home isn’t targeted.

How Do Motion Sensors Work In The Dark?

When looking to protect your home or business, you should consider motion sensors. Many burglars and prospective burglars will be put off by the existence of motion sensors on your home or business premises, as they provide round the clock security. In this post, we’ll look at why you should use motion sensors, what types are available and how they work in the dark to provide 24/7 protection.

If you’re looking to safeguard a large area, then it’s important that you know how far your security camera can see, particularly at night. In this post, we look into why you should use night vision security cameras, what factors influence how far they can see and how far they can see at night.

Which country has the most burglaries?

Whether you’re emigrating, relocating, planning a holiday, or just considering the safety of your own neighbourhood, knowledge of crime rates can be quite important. Not all countries are equally safe, and it’s important you’re prepared for any foreign visit, regardless of whether it’s for a business trip, a holiday or an extended stay.

There’s no definitive building that holds the title of ‘most secure building in the world’, but here are two places which could be considered to hold the crown. One is designed to keep people out, and the other designed to keep people in.

A personal panic alarm ensures that, when you’re at your most vulnerable, you can get the help you need as quickly as possible. For this reason, they’re a great addition to any residential or commercial security system.