4G Back to base alarm monitoring

3G Network Shutdown is coming. Are you ready?

The 3G shutdown is quickly approaching. Vodafone sims will be swapping as soon as December with Telstra and Optus shutting down by June 2024. It is important to take a proactive approach and upgrade to the latest 4G technology. At Adeva we are offering great deals and ways to ensure your upgrade is as painless as possible whilst ensuring continuity within your business.

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4G Monitoring with Adeva Security

Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to monitor your security system? If so, consider switching to Adeva Security. With their 4G monitoring service, you can save money while ensuring your security system is up-to-date and ready for the future.

As the 3G network is gradually being phased out, it’s essential to migrate to a more modern network to avoid any disruptions in service. Adeva Security’s 4G monitoring service provides a seamless transition to the newer network, ensuring that your security system stays connected and fully functional.

Moreover, Adeva Security’s 4G monitoring service is cost-effective, making it an excellent choice for those who want to save money on their security system’s monitoring costs. Their team of security experts is available 24/7 to provide support and ensure that your security system is always working correctly.

Make the switch to Adeva Security’s 4G monitoring service today and enjoy a reliable and cost-effective solution to your security system monitoring needs.

Our prefered 4G Dialers


The T4000 is a highly advanced and cost-effective alarm communicator that allows alarm panels equipped with contact ID to connect back into our control room. The T4000 comes in various options depending on your needs. You cann choose from the T4000, T4000-Lite, and T4000-Ultralite.

Some key features of the T4000 include 4G dual-SIM polling options, secure 128-bit AES encrypted data transmission, high-level integration with Inner Range Integriti and Concept systems, remote firmware update capability, simple plug-and-play installation, relay output for external device control, and alarm reporting using Contact ID and IRFAST with text formats. Additionally, over-the-air upload and download to compatible alarm systems is possible using the modem dial-up and serial pass-through methods.








Permaconn provides a highly secure and managed network that allows for the delivery of alarm events to control rooms. The network is designed with end-to-end security and uses either 4G or the client’s ISP to transmit data. The critical network servers are hosted in professional data centres that have multiple layers of hardware redundancy, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted service.

There are several poll plans available to cater to different levels of risk, ranging from Class 2 12-hour polling to Class 5 20-second polling. This flexibility allows customers to select the appropriate plan based on their needs.

The Permaconn network offers many benefits, such as a secured and polled connection, professional hosting, and the ability to choose from various poll plans. This network is an excellent solution for those who need a reliable and secure method of transmitting alarm

events to a control room.










Introducing Alarm.com by Adeva, the all-in-one solution for simplifying your security system with the added benefit of 4G monitoring back to base. With just one app and web dashboard, you can conveniently monitor everything at once.

As your business grows and your security needs evolve, Alarm.com grows with you. It’s expandable, adapting to your changing requirements.

Forget about the hassle of managing software. With Alarm.com, professional installation is a breeze, and there’s no need to worry about software updates. Your system will automatically update itself, ensuring you always have the latest features.

With the Alarm.com Enterprise Dashboard, you can effortlessly manage multiple business locations in real-time. Monitor intrusion, energy, door access, and video systems from a single, user-friendly interface. Query and filter up to one year of activity history across all locations or specific groups, and schedule automatic reports for managers. Stay informed about key information like open/close times and access history.

Alarm.com’s integrated systems communicate and collaborate seamlessly, giving you greater insight and control. Say goodbye to complex onsite infrastructure maintenance. Our cloud-based technology and intuitive interfaces make managing your business easier and smarter, with the added benefit of 4G monitoring back to base.

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