Good Start Early Learning – Pioneering Multi-Site Surveillance and Ensuring Utmost Privacy with OpenEye and Live Redaction

Childcare centres play a crucial role in shaping the early years of our young ones, and their safety and security are paramount. Good Start Early Learning, renowned for its commitment to top-tier child care, has taken another pioneering step in fortifying its surveillance and security infrastructure. Collaborating with Adeva Security, they’ve seamlessly integrated OpenEye for multi-site management and active directory, while also employing live redaction on CCTV, setting a benchmark for privacy and security in the realm of child care.

  • OpenEye for Multi-Site Management and Active Directory Integration: With multiple locations under its wing, Good Start required a sophisticated solution to manage surveillance seamlessly. The integration of OpenEye provides:
    • Unified Surveillance View: All of Good Start’s centers can be monitored from a centralized dashboard, ensuring that the management remains informed of happenings across all locations.
    • Active Directory Integration: By aligning with the Active Directory, OpenEye facilitates streamlined user authentication and authorization. This ensures that only designated personnel can access the surveillance system, providing an added layer of security.
    • Scalable Solution: As Good Start continues its journey of growth, the OpenEye system allows for easy addition of new centers to the surveillance network, ensuring that expansion doesn’t come at the cost of security.
  • Live Redaction on CCTV – Privacy at Its Best: In a childcare setting, while surveillance is essential, so is the privacy of the children and staff. Good Start has addressed this by employing live redaction:
    • Real-time Privacy: Live redaction ensures that faces, specific areas, or any other sensitive information in the CCTV footage are automatically blurred out in real-time, thereby ensuring the privacy of children and staff.
    • Selective Access: While the redacted footage is accessible for general viewing, unredacted footage can only be accessed by authorized personnel, ensuring a balance between surveillance and privacy.

Good Start Early Learning’s recent technological enhancements underscore their unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of the children in their care, while also respecting and upholding privacy. Adeva Security is honored to be a part of this noble endeavor, providing tools and solutions that bring peace of mind to parents and staff alike.

Petit Early Learning Journey – Elevating Safety and Efficiency with OpenEye Cloud, iPad Management, and Enhanced Alarm Monitoring

In a domain as sensitive and paramount as early childhood education, ensuring the utmost safety and efficiency becomes the cornerstone of operations. Petit Early Learning Journey, always at the vanguard of providing exceptional care, has further fortified its infrastructure through the integration of the OpenEye Cloud for CCTV, state-of-the-art iPad management, and advanced security alarm monitoring, in collaboration with Adeva Security.

  • OpenEye Cloud Managed CCTV for Multi-site Management: As Petit operates multiple locations, there was a need for a centralized surveillance system that allowed seamless access and management of footage from all sites. The OpenEye Cloud solution fulfills this need impeccably. This cloud-based CCTV management system provides:
    • Centralized Access: Administrators can swiftly access live feeds or stored footage from any Petit location, all from one intuitive dashboard.
    • Scalability: As Petit continues to grow, adding new locations to the surveillance network becomes effortless with the OpenEye Cloud platform.
    • Real-time Alerts: Any unusual activity or security breaches are immediately flagged, ensuring rapid response times and heightened security.
  • iPad Management: In today’s tech-driven educational landscape, Petit’s use of iPads is a nod to its modern approach. But with tech adoption comes the need for impeccable management:
    • Customized Access: Each iPad is tailored to display content relevant to its user, be it an educator or an administrator.
    • Secure Data Storage: All information stored and accessed on the iPads is secured against unauthorized access, ensuring the privacy of students and staff.
    • Streamlined Updates: Centralized management ensures that all iPads receive necessary software updates simultaneously, ensuring uniformity in tech use.
  • Advanced Security Alarm Monitoring: Petit’s commitment to safety is further exemplified through its upgraded security alarm system. Monitored around the clock, any unusual activity or security breaches are immediately detected, and the appropriate response is triggered, be it notifying Petit’s security team or local authorities.


Islamic College of Brisbane – Combatting Bullying and Vaping with the Advanced HALO Smart Sensor

Education goes beyond academics; it’s about nurturing a holistic environment where students feel safe, respected, and valued. Recognizing the evolving challenges educational institutions face today, particularly concerning bullying and vaping, the Islamic College of Brisbane has taken proactive measures with the introduction of the HALO Smart Sensor, in collaboration with Adeva Security.

  • HALO Smart Sensor – Tailored for Educational Institutions: The HALO Smart Sensor isn’t just a typical monitoring device. Specifically designed with schools in mind, it possesses features that directly address the unique challenges educational institutions encounter.
    • Anti-Vaping Capabilities: With the rise in vaping among students, the Islamic College of Brisbane remains proactive in its commitment to fostering a healthy and substance-free environment. The HALO Smart Sensor can detect vaping signatures, alerting the administration to any instances within the campus. This not only deters students from engaging in such activities but also aids in pinpointing areas where such activities might be prevalent, allowing the school to intervene appropriately.
    • Bullying Detection: One of the standout features of the HALO Smart Sensor is its ability to detect unusual noise patterns or aggressive vocal tones, which can be indicators of bullying or confrontations. Immediate alerts enable the college staff to respond swiftly, addressing potential bullying incidents in their infancy and ensuring student safety and well-being.

By integrating the HALO Smart Sensor, the Islamic College of Brisbane showcases its unwavering commitment to creating a positive, safe, and nurturing environment for all its students. This investment in technology reaffirms the institution’s dedication to tackling modern challenges head-on. Adeva Security is honored to be a part of this initiative, supporting the mission to make educational spaces safer and more conducive to learning.

Total Tools – Crafting Robust Security with Dahua Cameras and Inception Alarm & Access Control

Total Tools, renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and service, has always prioritized the safety and security of its premises and patrons. In line with this, a recent collaboration with Adeva Security resulted in a comprehensive overhaul of their security infrastructure, ensuring that Total Tools remains a bastion of both top-notch tools and top-tier safety.

  • Dahua Cameras: Recognized globally for their high-definition clarity, resilience, and adaptability, Dahua Cameras were the choice for Total Tools. The integration of these advanced CCTV systems ensures that every inch of the store, both internal and external, is under constant and clear surveillance. This not only deters potential security breaches but also aids in loss prevention, ensuring that Total Tools’ valuable inventory remains secure.
  • Inception Alarm System: The modern, responsive, and intuitive Inception Alarm System ensures that any irregularities or unauthorized access attempts are promptly detected. With its user-friendly interface and robust alarm capabilities, Total Tools can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their premises are protected around the clock.
  • Inception Access Control: In addition to the alarm system, the Inception suite’s access control mechanism was seamlessly integrated. This allows Total Tools to have granular control over who accesses different parts of their facilities. With customizable credentials and multi-tiered access levels, Total Tools can ensure that sensitive areas are accessible only to authorized personnel.

Through this transformative security upgrade, Total Tools stands as a testament to what can be achieved when excellence in retail meets cutting-edge security technology. At Adeva Security, we remain dedicated to tailoring solutions that resonate with the unique requirements of each client, ensuring that safety never takes a backseat.



EMF Performance Centre

EMF Performance Centres

EMF Performance Centres – Elevating Security with Touchless Access, Anti-Tailgating Tech, and Enhanced Surveillance Solutions

At Adeva Security, we take pride in partnering with leading institutions to foster the integration of cutting-edge technology into their day-to-day operations. Most recently, we embarked on an ambitious project with EMF Performance Centres, bringing state-of-the-art security and access solutions to their premium locations. Here’s an insight into what we’ve implemented:

  • Hanwha Wave VMS Solution for CCTV: Our team has meticulously installed the Hanwha Wave Video Management System (VMS) across all EMF facilities. This offers enhanced video surveillance capabilities, ensuring that every nook and cranny of the centres is under watchful, high-resolution eyes.
  • CAMIO Anti-Tailgating Solutions: Safety goes beyond mere surveillance. To prevent unauthorized entry, we’ve integrated CAMIO’s anti-tailgating solutions. This technology ensures that only one person enters the premises after each access credential use, making sure that security is not compromised and EMF is not liable for any unauthorised entry and injury.
  • OpenPath Access Control with Mobile Touchless Credentials: In an era where touchless interactions are becoming the norm, EMF Performance Centres now benefit from OpenPath’s advanced access control system. Patrons and staff can utilize their mobile devices as secure, touchless keys, granting them access without the need to physically touch any device.
  • Turnstiles at Main Entrances: To further bolster security at the primary entry points, we’ve integrated turnstiles. These not only act as a deterrent for potential unauthorized entries but also streamline the inflow and outflow of patrons, ensuring smooth operations even during peak hours.
  • Monitored Alarm System with Duress Solutions: Recognizing the unique operational hours of EMF Performance Centres as a 24-hour gym, we’ve ensured that an advanced alarm system is in place. Integrated with monitored duress solutions, this means that in any emergency situation, a signal is promptly sent to the relevant authorities, ensuring rapid response and intervention.

This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing bespoke security solutions that meet the unique needs of every client. At Adeva Security, we believe in creating safer spaces where businesses can thrive without compromise.

Paddington Pups – Ensuring Excellent Care with Visual Verification Monitoring and Advanced CCTV Systems

At Paddington Pups, Queensland’s #1 Doggy Daycare, providing the best possible care for our furry guests is our utmost priority. To enhance the safety and security of our facility, Adeva Security partnered with Paddington Pups to install a comprehensive CCTV system using visual verification monitoring. With over 30 internal and external cameras strategically placed throughout our premises, we can ensure a secure and nurturing environment for all our beloved dogs.

Visual Verification Monitoring: Adeva Security implemented a cutting-edge visual verification monitoring system to bolster the level of care provided at Paddington Pups. This advanced system combines state-of-the-art CCTV cameras with intelligent video analytics capabilities. The cameras are strategically positioned indoors and outdoors to cover all key areas, including play areas, sleeping areas, grooming sections, and entry points. This proactive approach ensures that the dogs at Paddington Pups receive the highest level of care and supervision.

Advanced CCTV System: Adeva Security installed a comprehensive CCTV system comprising over 30 internal and external cameras at Paddington Pups. These high-quality cameras are equipped with advanced features, such as high-resolution imaging, low-light capabilities, and wide-angle lenses, to capture clear and detailed footage. The system is integrated with centralised video management software that allows for easy monitoring, playback, and retrieval of footage. Adeva Security’s expert technicians ensured seamless installation and configuration of the CCTV system, providing Paddington Pups with enhanced surveillance capabilities and reliable security.

Best Possible Care: By installing over 30 internal and external cameras and utilising visual verification monitoring, Paddington Pups can ensure that our furry guests receive the best possible care. The CCTV system monitors all play areas, sleeping areas, and grooming sections, allowing our staff to observe the dogs’ behaviour, interactions, and well-being. Additionally, the advanced CCTV system is a deterrent, preventing unauthorised access and providing peace of mind to staff and pet owners.

Through our partnership with Adeva Security and installing an advanced CCTV system using visual verification monitoring, Paddington Pups reaffirms our commitment to delivering exceptional care to every dog that walks through our doors. The comprehensive surveillance infrastructure ensures that all facility areas are monitored and secured, allowing our dedicated team to maintain a safe and nurturing environment. With our cutting-edge security measures in place, we can continue providing Queensland’s #1 Doggy Daycare experience, where every dog feels loved, protected, and happy.



RSPCA Opshops – Enhancing Safety and Security with Hanwha Wave Multisite CCTV and Alarm Monitoring

At RSPCA Opshops, ensuring the safety and security of their premises is a top priority. To meet their needs, Adeva Security partnered with RSPCA Opshops to implement an advanced security solution utilising Hanwha Wave for multisite CCTV and alarm monitoring. This comprehensive system provides robust surveillance capabilities and reliable protection, helping RSPCA Opshops maintain a safe and secure environment.

Multisite CCTV: Adeva Security leveraged the power of Hanwha Wave, a leading video management software, to implement a multisite CCTV solution across RSPCA Opshops’ various locations. This advanced system offers centralised management and control, allowing RSPCA Opshops to monitor all their stores simultaneously. The installation included a network of high-quality Hanwha Techwin cameras strategically placed to cover critical areas and provide optimal video coverage. These cameras feature advanced video analytics, enabling intelligent event detection and proactive security monitoring. Adeva Security’s expert technicians ensured seamless integration and configuration of the multisite CCTV system, providing RSPCA Opshops with enhanced situational awareness and actionable insights.

Alarm Monitoring: Besides the CCTV solution, Adeva Security implemented an alarm monitoring system to further strengthen RSPCA Opshops’ security. Adeva Security installed various sensors, including door/window contacts, motion detectors, and glass break detectors, strategically placed to cover vulnerable entry points and sensitive areas.

The Result: Through the partnership with Adeva Security and the implementation of Hanwha Wave for multisite CCTV and alarm monitoring, RSPCA Opshops have significantly enhanced their safety and security measures. The centralised management and monitoring capabilities offered by Hanwha Wave provide RSPCA Opshops with a holistic view of their stores, facilitating proactive incident response and efficient resource allocation. The advanced video analytics and intelligent event detection capabilities of the Hanwha Techwin cameras enable RSPCA Opshops to detect and respond to potential security threats in real time. The integrated alarm monitoring system adds a layer of protection, ensuring a swift response to security breaches or alarms triggered within the premises. With Adeva Security’s tailored solution, RSPCA Opshops can now confidently operate, knowing that their stores and valuable assets are safeguarded effectively.

Logan City Council – Water Department

Adeva Security partnered with the Logan City Council Water Department to enhance the security of their new mobile trailer units. Our comprehensive solution included installing a dedicated camera system and a monitored alarm system, providing remote access and reliable protection for the trailers.

Camera System: Adeva Security implemented a robust camera solution, allowing remote accessibility and monitoring. The system included an industrial CCTV server, NX Witness video software, and a set of camera licenses. In addition, it featured a 12-volt Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch and a combination of external and internal intelligent network cameras with analytics. Our expert team ensured proper installation with conduit, cables, fittings, and connectors and provided comprehensive programming, commissioning, and training services.

Alarm System: We installed a monitored alarm system for the mobile trailers to strengthen security. The plan included a DSC Neo kit, a 128-zone graphic keypad, and an accessory kit with internal and external sirens. We strategically placed heavy-duty surface mount reed switches at critical entry points and equipped the trailers with an internal passive infrared (PIR) detector. Additionally, remote arming and disarming fobs were provided for convenient control. Adeva Security handled all installation, programming, commissioning, and training aspects to ensure seamless integration.

The Result: Through our collaboration, the Logan City Council Water Department successfully enhanced the security of their mobile trailer units. The integrated camera system with remote accessibility allows for real-time monitoring and increased visibility of the trailers’ surroundings. The monitored alarm system provides reliable protection and quick response in case of any security incidents. Adeva Security’s tailored solution, utilising the 12-volt power supply in the trailers, reduced the need for additional electrical requirements. The Water Department can now confidently safeguard its valuable assets and equipment, ensuring the continuity of its operations.

Henry Schein (Adelaide)

Henry Schein, a leading provider of healthcare products and services, partnered with Adeva Security to upgrade their access control system. The project involved installing advanced equipment and providing ongoing monitoring services to ensure a secure environment.

Access Control System Upgrade: Adeva Security installed a comprehensive access control solution that included a master controller, power supply, backup battery, and necessary components to support up to four doors of access control. In addition, the system was designed to meet Henry Schein’s specific requirements and provide seamless access management.

Reader Upgrades and Card Credentials: Existing card readers were replaced with new, secure ones to enhance authentication and security measures. Access control card credentials were also provided to authorised personnel, allowing them convenient and secure access to the premises.

Integration and Monitoring: To further enhance functionality, Adeva Security integrated existing security devices and provided ongoing monitoring services. The integration ensured seamless operation and improved overall security, while the monitoring services offered continuous surveillance and prompt response to any security incidents.

The Result: Through our collaboration, Henry Schein successfully upgraded their access control system, providing enhanced security and streamlined access management. The tailored solution, designed specifically for their needs, ensures a secure environment for staff and visitors. Additionally, with advanced equipment integration and ongoing monitoring services, Henry Schein can confidently protect their facilities and valuable assets.

Contain Yourself Storage

Adeva Security partnered with Contain Yourself Storage to upgrade its existing security system and support future growth and expansion. The project included the installation of new equipment to enhance security capabilities.

Head-End Equipment: Adeva Security provided and installed essential head-end equipment, including a Network Video Recorder (NVR) with a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch and a hard drive. Additional equipment was incorporated to accommodate system growth and ensure organised cable management. A dedicated viewing monitor was also included for convenient monitoring.

New Camera Equipment: To improve surveillance coverage, Adeva Security installed high-resolution cameras with wide-angle lenses, bright white LEDs, and built-in audio capabilities. This included new cameras and replacements for existing ones. Camera junction boxes were also installed for proper camera connections.

Installation and Commissioning: Adeva Security provided professional installation, programming, and commissioning services for a seamless implementation.

The Result: Through our partnership, Adeva Security successfully enhanced the security infrastructure at Contain Yourself Storage. The upgraded system with advanced equipment provides improved surveillance capabilities, ensuring the safety and protection of the premises. Contain Yourself Storage can now monitor activities with higher-resolution cameras and have centralised system management. Our commitment to excellence in security integration has empowered Contain Yourself Storage with a reliable and scalable security solution

LGI Limited

Adeva Security is pleased to assist LGI in enhancing its security measures for its newly constructed office. Our comprehensive scope of work included installing advanced security systems to ensure the safety and protection of the premises.

Access Control System: We supplied and installed the Inner Range Inception Alarm & Access Control Total Management system. This state-of-the-art solution incorporated a wireless back-to-base 4G technology with dual SIM alarm monitoring capabilities. By implementing this system, LGI gained complete control over its access points and improved alarm management.

IP Security CCTV System: We provided and installed a cutting-edge IP Security CCTV system with high-quality cameras and a scalable infrastructure. This solution offered advanced surveillance capabilities, enabling LGI to monitor activities within the office and enhance overall security closely.

Video Intercom System: To ensure seamless communication and visitor management, we installed a Video Intercom System with two answering stations. This system empowered LGI to conveniently verify visitors and grant access while maintaining a secure environment.

The Result: By partnering with Adeva Security, LGI successfully fortified its security measures for the new office. Our state-of-the-art equipment and expert installation services provide them with a robust and reliable security infrastructure. In addition, integrating these systems enhanced the office’s overall security, enabling proactive monitoring, effective access control, and streamlined visitor management.

Bollore Logistics

Bollore Logistics, a global logistics provider, partnered with Adeva Security to enhance its security and audiovisual systems. As a result, we successfully implemented equipment installations and services through a tailored approach to meet Bollore Logistics’ specific requirements.

Security System Enhancements: Adeva Security optimised security camera placements, improving visibility and surveillance across Bollore Logistics’ premises. We relocated existing cameras and installed additional cameras in the warehouse, bolstering security measures.

Access Control and Electric Strike Installations: We installed an 8-door controller expansion kit to strengthen access control and implemented intelligent card readers at various access points. Electric strikes were established to ensure secure entry and exit in critical areas.

Audiovisual System Upgrades: Adeva Security improved audiovisual capabilities by installing commercial televisions with articulating wall mounts in strategic areas. In the boardroom, we incorporated a projector with a ceiling mount and a motorised projector screen, enhancing communication and presentation capabilities.

Scalable Video Storage Solution: To accommodate extensive video archiving, we deployed a Network Video Recorder (NVR) with ample storage capacity and redundancy (RAID 5), ensuring reliable video retention.

The Outcome: Through our collaboration, Adeva Security successfully enhanced Bollore Logistics’ security and audiovisual systems, improving overall safety and operational efficiency. Our tailored solutions have provided comprehensive security coverage and elevated communication capabilities.

Stacks of logs at sawmill (lumber mill)

Permalog Timbers

Perma-Log Timbers, located in Narangba, approached us with a need to upgrade their existing surveillance system. They aimed to expand the system’s capacity, improve visibility in critical areas, and align it with the company’s overarching security standardisation initiative.

Our Approach: We conducted a thorough half-day site visit to assess the existing system and identify areas for improvement. During the walkthrough, we determined the need for additional cameras to enhance visibility and identified remediation requirements, such as outdoor enclosures for network switches exposed to the elements.

Our Solution: We proposed a comprehensive upgrade to the NX Witness VMS Platform based on our assessment. The scope of work includes the installation of 16 new cameras strategically positioned to provide complete coverage of the site. In addition, we ensured that the proposed systems are non-proprietary, enabling seamless integration with other platforms and allowing for future expansion requirements.

Cullen Avenue Business Park (Brisbane)

Adeva Security partnered with the Cullen Avenue Site to enhance its installing security measures for three newly constructed sheds. Our comprehensive scope of work included installing advanced security systems to ensure the safety and protection of the premises.

Access Control System: We supplied and installed the Inner Range Inception Alarm & Access Control Total Management system. This state-of-the-art solution incorporated a wireless back-to-base 4G technology with dual SIM alarm monitoring capabilities. By implementing this system, Cullen Avenue Site gained complete control over its access points and improved alarm management.

IP Security CCTV System: We provided and installed a cutting-edge IP Security CCTV system equipped with hih-quality cameras and a scalable infrastructure. This solution offered advanced surveillance capabilities, enabling Cullen Avenue Site to monitor activities within the premises and enhance overall security closely.

Video Intercom System: To ensure seamless communication and visitor management, we installed a Video Intercom System with two answering stations. This system empowered Cullen Avenue Site to conveniently verify visitors and grant access while maintaining a secure environment.

The Result: By partnering with Adeva Security, Cullen Avenue Site successfully fortified its security measures across the three new sheds. Our state-of-the-art equipment and expert installation services provide them with a robust and reliable security infrastructure. In addition, integrating these systems enhanced the site’s overall security, enabling proactive monitoring, effective access control, and streamlined visitor management.

Thunderbird Park

Adeva Security had the privilege of partnering with an iconic site to improve its security infrastructure. Our expertise and comprehensive solution included the installation of a new Video Management Solution and WiFi distribution across the expansive property.

Video Management Solution: We provided and installed a 64 Channel Network Video Recorder to ensure comprehensive surveillance coverage. This advanced system enabled seamless monitoring and management of the site’s security cameras. Additionally, we integrated 36 new cameras throughout the property, effectively expanding the surveillance network. Furthermore, we successfully connected the existing cameras to the new system, leveraging their capabilities within the updated infrastructure.

Enhanced Entrance Monitoring: We deployed an LNPR (License Plate Number Recognition) camera at the park entrance to enhance entrance security. This specialised camera ensured efficient and accurate monitoring of vehicle access, further bolstering the site’s overall security measures.

WiFi Distribution: Understanding the importance of connectivity and seamless communication, we implemented a robust Cambium network and WiFi links throughout the 112-hectare property. This extensive WiFi distribution ensured reliable internet access, enabling efficient data transmission, remote monitoring, and communication across various areas and attractions.

The Outcome: By collaborating with Adeva Security, the iconic site experienced a significant improvement in its security capabilities. Our solution provided enhanced surveillance coverage, streamlined management of cameras, and efficient monitoring of entrance activities. Implementing a reliable WiFi network also facilitated seamless communication and data transmission throughout the property.

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

Adeva Security partnered with Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads to improve traffic management in built-up areas. Our solutions included:

  • Live stream camera footage directly from RoadTek Incident Response Vehicles to the Traffic Management and Operational Control Centre.
  • Mobile vehicle hardware, including cameras and ancillary equipment, ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Software and data hosting services for secure storage and easy access to captured footage.
  • User access services for authorised personnel to efficiently review and analyse the footage.

Our collaboration empowered traffic management authorities to make informed decisions, respond swiftly to incidents, and improve overall traffic flow and safety. Adeva Security takes pride in supporting the Department’s mission of efficient and effective transportation.

Americold (Arndell Park, Prospect, Murarrie, Laverton)

Adeva Security was privileged to support Americold, the leading cold storage and supply chain provider in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Our partnership focused on enhancing security operations across Americold’s facilities in Australia, encompassing multiple states.

Upgrading CCTV Infrastructure: We significantly upgraded all analogue CCTV systems to Varifocal IP cameras to ensure comprehensive surveillance coverage. This involved replacing over 390 cameras, allowing for improved image quality, enhanced visibility, and advanced features for better security monitoring.

Establishing a Fibre Backbone: Recognizing the importance of reliable and high-speed network infrastructure, we installed a robust fibre backbone. This backbone was the foundation for seamless data transmission between cameras, control centres, and other security components. In addition, the fibre backbone ensured efficient and secure communication throughout Americold’s facilities.

Dedicated Internet Connection: We provided Americold with a reliable internet connection catering to their security needs. This authentic connection ensured optimal network performance and allowed for secure remote access, facilitating efficient monitoring and management of the security system.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support: Adeva Security remained committed to Americold’s security needs even after the initial project implementation. We provided ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the continued reliability and effectiveness of the upgraded security infrastructure. Our team was readily available to address issues, perform necessary updates, and proactively support Americold’s operations.

The Outcome: Through our collaboration, Adeva Security successfully enhanced the security infrastructure of Americold’s facilities in Australia. The upgrade to Varifocal IP cameras, establishing a fibre backbone, and a dedicated internet connection significantly bolstered security measures. In addition, our ongoing maintenance and support ensured the continued reliability and performance of the system, allowing Americold to maintain the highest standards of cold storage security.

Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson (Slacks Creek)

Harley-Davidson, an iconic global brand, demanded the highest level of protection for their vehicle yards. Adeva Security provided comprehensive security solutions, including installing 30 CCTV cameras, internal alarm systems, and external perimeter systems.

CCTV Camera Installation: We strategically installed 30 CCTV cameras throughout the Harley-Davidson vehicle yards to ensure extensive surveillance coverage. These cameras were strategically positioned to capture critical areas, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and recording of activities within the premises.

Internal Alarm Systems: Recognizing the importance of internal security, we implemented state-of-the-art alarm systems within the vehicle yards. These internal alarm systems were designed to detect and alert personnel to any unauthorised access or suspicious activity, enabling swift response and minimising potential risks.

External Perimeter Systems: The security of the vehicle yards was further enhanced with the installation of robust external perimeter systems. These systems acted as a deterrent and provided early detection of any attempted breaches, ensuring the protection of Harley-Davidson’s valuable assets.

The Outcome: Through our collaboration with Harley-Davidson, Adeva Security successfully fortified the security measures of their vehicle yards. Installing CCTV cameras, internal alarm systems, and external perimeter systems provided comprehensive protection and real-time monitoring capabilities. This ensured that Harley-Davidson’s assets remained safeguarded against potential threats.

Wattyl Paint (Australia-Wide)

Adeva Security has been a trusted partner in supporting Wattyl, one of Australia’s most prominent architectural and decorative paint brands. Our collaboration focused on improving security measures across Wattyl’s operations, including an extensive upgrade and takeover of alarm systems for 83 sites and implementing 24/7 monitoring lone-worker solutions for Wattyl retailers.

Alarm System Upgrade: Adeva Security undertook the critical task of upgrading alarm systems for 83 Wattyl sites to ensure comprehensive security coverage. This upgrade bolstered the protection of Wattyl’s assets and provided peace of mind for their facilities.

24/7 Monitoring Lone-Worker Solutions: Recognizing the importance of employee safety, we implemented 24/7 monitoring lone-worker solutions for Wattyl retailers. This comprehensive solution included deploying advanced monitoring systems and protocols, ensuring the well-being and security of lone workers. With our solution, Wattyl retailers could confidently operate, knowing that help and support were readily available when needed.

The Outcome: Through our partnership with Wattyl, Adeva Security successfully improved security across their operations. Upgrading alarm systems for 83 sites enhanced the protection of Wattyl’s facilities, reducing vulnerabilities and enhancing incident response capabilities. Additionally, the 24/7 monitoring lone-worker solutions provided a safer work environment for Wattyl retailers, demonstrating Wattyl’s commitment to employee well-being.

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