CCTV Packages – Premium

The Dahua TiOC Advanced Surveillance Solution – Your Premium Perimeter Guardian

Step into the future of home surveillance with the Dahua TiOC Outdoor Camera Kit, proudly offered by Adeva Security. Experience the pinnacle of innovation with our cutting-edge TiOC (Three-in-One Camera) technology, which incorporates full-colour Active Deterrence alongside sophisticated AI-powered capabilities. Secure your peace of mind under the vigilant watch of Adeva Security’s premium services.

Package Features:

1. Dahua TiOC Camera System:

  • AI-powered Active Deterrence to intelligently identify and warn off potential threats.
  • Full-Color Night Vision, bringing the clarity of daylight to nocturnal surveillance.
  • Active Deterrence with spotlight and auditory warnings to prevent trespassing.
  • Ultra-clear imaging with high-definition resolution for impeccable visual verification.

🛠 2. Expert Installation & Configuration:

  • Precision installation by Adeva Security’s accredited professionals for optimal field of view.
  • Comprehensive system calibration for flawless operation.
  • Personalized system orientation to empower you with effortless control of your security.

📱 3. Smart Monitoring Solutions:

  • On-the-go monitoring with real-time alerts and two-way talk through an intuitive mobile application.
  • Desktop access for a more expansive view of your security network from any location.

🔧 4. Customer Care and Warranty:

  • A robust 12-month warranty covering all hardware components for your peace of mind.

🔄 5. Enhanced Compatibility and Controls:

  • Effortless integration with existing home security ecosystems.
  • Customizable alert zones and sensitivity settings for tailored detection.

🎉 6. Exclusive Bonus Offerings:

  • Complimentary yard signage to maximize deterrence.
  • Privileged access to the latest security insights and service enhancements from Adeva.

Transform your home into a sanctuary of safety with Adeva Security’s Dahua TiOC Surveillance Solution. Embrace Elevated Protection, Dynamic Monitoring, and Proactive Deterrence with Unparalleled Quality at Your Command.