Security Systems – Australia

Adeva Security is one of Australia’s most trusted and well-known security companies. We provide security services in South East Queensland, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. We provide security technology, monitoring services, and professional expertise for residences and businesses across Australia. Adeva Security’s extensive range of products and services include home security systems, home automation, specialist commercial and small business solutions and CCTV video surveillance. We provide peace of mind to the community by installing more than 150 security systems per week.

Why should you choose Adeva Security?

Adeva Security’s broad range of products and advanced service offerings meet a range of customer needs for today’s lifestyles. Our solutions include:

  • Residential Security: including burglar, fire, and other essential alarm monitoring services.
  • Business/Commercial: tailored technology and services that meet specific requirements of any business including intrusion detection, monitoring, surveillance and other business critical services.


  • Adeva Home Automation: advanced technology for residential and business customers to access information and control their security systems remotely. Home automation functions include live video viewing and text messages to a trigger event.

Contact our team of professionals to book installation of your tailored security solution. If you would like to find out more about our top-quality security systems, simply call 1300 773 633 and our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

Get smart home security and sleep easier

Adeva Security understands the importance of protecting and securing what you love and value. That’s why we provide monitored security systems that can protect your family, home and business. 24/7 back to base monitoring, provided by A1 Grade state of the art monitoring room, ensures the highest standard of security monitoring and servicing.


VIC Securtiy #904-418-10S – QLD Security #3659920 – NSW Security #000103170 – WA Security #71905

Comprehensive Coverage with Adeva Home Security Systems

Adeva Security provides homes in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth with effective, highly-reliable home security alarm and home camera systems. It is our belief in providing the highest level of surveillance for a home as the owner sees necessary, and we always provide an efficient service with our products and installation service. We guarantee that with Adeva alarm systems and surveillance cameras you will be at ease when away from home.

At Adeva, we utilise wireless security systems as well as conventional hard-wired systems. The benefits of a wireless home security system make it an ideal solution, whether you’re a homeowner, renter, or you’ve eliminated your home phone landline altogether. The wireless alarm system expands easily as your security needs grow. Simply purchase devices to sync with the system and have them installed. Wireless alarm systems are easy to use. Connect to and use your security from more places in your home. All wireless home security system devices are battery operated, so you’re not limited by electrical wiring. Place sensors and detectors wherever you choose.