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One of the significant benefits of working with Adeva Security as your single security provider is the ability to streamline and simplify your security system. By working with a single company that serves all your locations, you can reduce the number of touchpoints and minimise potential security vulnerabilities. This can lead to a more cohesive and effective security system, improving safety and security for your business. Additionally, working with a trusted, local provider like Adeva allows for better communication and coordination regarding your security needs. Please feel free to contact us today to learn more about the advantages of working with a single security provider.

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A winning formula.

Adeva Security was founded in 2013 to provide innovative, high-quality security solutions to businesses and individuals across Australia. From the beginning, our founders, Evan Comb and Adam Woolston, were dedicated to building a robust and reliable company that could adapt and thrive in a constantly changing market. This commitment to excellence and innovation has paid off, as Adeva Security has grown and established itself as a leading provider of security services. As we approach our 10th year in business, we are proud of the reputation we have built for integrity, professionalism, and exceptional customer service. Our talented team of technicians and designers always strives to stay at the forefront of the security industry, ensuring our clients have access to the most advanced technologies and solutions available. Whether you are a national enterprise, a small business, or an individual homeowner, Adeva Security has the expertise and resources to meet your security needs. Please feel free to contact us today to learn more.

Our Values and Beliefs.

VISION – To be an Australasian leader in full-service electronic security solutions.

MISSION – To deliver scalable, high-quality security services and an exceptional customer experience.

PURPOSE – To provide customers with cost-effective, seamlessly integrated, and quality-driven security solutions.

Our Core Values


Innovative technology. Custom-built security systems, Australia-wide.

  • Adeva Security is a leading provider of custom-built security systems for businesses and homes across Australia. We offer a range of security and data management solutions to protect and enhance properties nationwide. Our team of experts consults, designs, installs, and maintains innovative security technology for national enterprises, commercial businesses, retail outlets, and more. With Adeva Security, you can trust that your property is safe.

Best fit for the budget.

  • While it’s unwise to compromise on Security, you can approach your requirements from several well-informed angles. Security as a segment has grown exponentially in recent years. As a result, there is no shortage of products and solutions on the market. Integrating the right fit for the application within a budget, no matter how big or small, relies on accurate, up-to-date product knowledge and design expertise. Our talented technicians work with global technology partners to optimise every project and installation Adeva delivers.

Global technology partners. Unique security solutions.

  • Our innovative tech partners allow Adeva to adapt the latest security products to various applications. From tailored installations in multiple states to single business sites and private properties. Our solutions come from confidence in the products of our security partners and knowledge of how to apply them to Australian conditions. We secure the day-to-day operations and business data of companies. We protect businesses and properties while adding intelligence to their daily operations.

One provider nationwide.

  • Adeva’s national capabilities replace the need for multiple service providers in different states. Instead, Adeva services are state-based and interconnected. One call for professional technicians. One secure data and information system across various locations.

Seamless customer support.

  • Adeva Security deploys unique technologies in our backend systems, allowing our clients to tailor their security and deliver seamless customer support and service agreements.

Professionally installed and serviced.

  • Adeva is committed to expertise at every stage of the installation and service process. Experienced, certified professionals back our project teams. We connect our design teams and technicians with opportunities to explore developing technologies and pursue higher certifications as part of their career development.

Adeva Security: A Great Place to Work and Grow Your Career in the Security Industry

  • There are many reasons to consider a career with Adeva Security. We offer customised training plans to help our employees gain the skills and certifications they need to succeed in the security industry. This includes opportunities to earn industry-specific certifications and participate in ongoing training programs.
    In addition to the professional development opportunities, Adeva Security has a great team culture. Our employees are passionate about what they do and take pride in delivering high-quality security solutions to our clients. We value collaboration, teamwork, and a positive work environment and strive to create a supportive and inclusive culture for all our team members.
    Overall, working for Adeva Security is a chance to be a part of a dynamic, forward-thinking company dedicated to protecting and enhancing properties across Australia. Suppose you are interested in a career in the security industry and want to be a part of a team that is making a difference. In that case, we encourage you to explore the opportunities available at Adeva Security.

Data security.

Data monitoring and gathering is essential to business security. Securing the conversations between a business and its customers equally so. We are firmly in an era when seamless customer support through a secure flow of information is essential to doing business and business survival.

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