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Adeva Security Service & Maintenance Plans

Labor Coverage and Cost-Effectiveness:

  • Adeva provides labour coverage at competitive rates.
  • Up-front cost information on parts for transparency and budget planning.

On-Site Service Level Agreement (SLA):

  • Guarantees rapid response times with ‘First Available’ on-site service or other arranged agreements with your account manager.

Customer Support and Technical Assistance:

  • Tier 1 customer support.
  • Offers remote technical support and troubleshooting for quick resolution of issues.

Technology Health and Assessment:

  • Conducts technology health checks and assessments upon customer request.

Customer Portal Features:

  • Access to a comprehensive customer portal for service history, details, and requests. including AI optimisation and service callouts. (No need to speak to a help desk)

Benefits of the Enhanced Service Offer:

  • Tailored plans designed to deliver optimal value and cater to specific security needs.
  • Ensures maintenance protection covering labour, advanced technical support, and on-demand technical training.

Comprehensive Service Coverage:

  • Labour coverage for maintenance and repairs.
  • Remote system troubleshooting for quick problem resolution.
  • Online service dashboard for easy management of service requests and monitoring.
  • Continuous service status updates and 24/7 central station monitoring.

Specialised System Services:

Intrusion Systems: Advanced products and seamless coverage for property protection.
Access Control: Real-time management for single or multiple entry points across dispersed locations.
Video Surveillance: Comprehensive range of products, systems, and hosted video solutions.
This enhanced service offered by Adeva Security would represent a comprehensive and cost-efficient solution for maintaining and servicing alarm systems, CCTV, and access control systems. It emphasizes the importance of quick and effective support, tailored solutions, and leveraging extensive industry experience to meet the diverse needs of businesses. The offer aims to provide peace of mind and the assurance that security systems are always in top condition and compliant with relevant standards.


Adeva Security’s Customer Salesforce Experience Portal: Improving Service Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction with AI

At Adeva Security, we are dedicated to providing our premium customers with the best possible service experience. That’s why we offer a customer Salesforce experience portal, which allows our customers to track the progress of their service agreements in real-time. Our customer Salesforce experience portal is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which helps to ensure that our service agreements are met and exceeded with transparency and accuracy. The portal provides our customers with access to detailed information about their service agreements, including the status of their service requests and any issues that may arise. In addition to providing transparency and accuracy, our customer Salesforce experience portal also helps to improve the overall efficiency of our service process. By automating certain tasks and providing our customers with easy access to information, we can streamline the service experience and provide a higher level of customer satisfaction. Overall, Adeva Security’s customer Salesforce experience portal is a powerful tool for ensuring that our service agreements are met and exceeded. By leveraging AI and providing our customers with real-time access to information, we can provide a premium service experience that is second to none.

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At Adeva Security, we’re committed to delivering exceptional security services tailored to your unique needs. Our Enhanced Service Offer is designed to provide you with peace of mind, ensuring your security systems, from fire alarms to video surveillance, are functioning optimally and compliant with the latest standards.

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