Intrusion alarms.

Adeva provides protection to your property with leading-edge, reliable technology. We provide tailored solutions by analyzing your organization and helping you choose the most robust and reliable intrusion alarm system.

Automatic Arming

Our solutions allow you to detect if your property is left vulnerable after hours. Alarm systems will arm automatically based on card swipe rules or set business hours.

User code & emergency contact management

Our systems allow you or your management to add and delete user codes instantly. You can manage your monitoring station emergency contact list from a mobile app or website.

24/7 property awareness

Our technologies allow you to monitor operations even when the alarm is disarmed.
We offer easy-to-use solutions for owners and managers to organise site locations into a top-down hierarchy of groups. You can easily manage user codes, access permissions, and system settings at any time. This does not require a costly technician rollout which saves time and increases efficiency.

Adeva provides “Enterprise Dashboards” which give you ultimate control of your alarm arming state. Coupled with fully integrated solutions including CCTV and access control, it allows you full control and safety for all business locations.