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At Adeva Security, we understand the importance of reliable security solutions that protect your property and ensure peace of mind. We recommend the Gallagher SMB systems to our clients.

Arm and disarm your alarm. Say goodbye to keys and shared alarm PIN codes. Instead, activate the alarm from anywhere, using your ,smartphone. Set the Late to Arm notification so you know your business is secure, even when you’re not there. Use Bluetooth® to arm your site locally when internet connectivity is unavailable.

Easily manage unlimited users. We’ve made it simple to add, edit, and remove an unlimited number of users and manage which parts of the building they can access – even temporary
users like contractors anUsing the History log, you’llners. Using the History log, you’ll see who has activated the alarm or requested acc.

Manage multiple sites. If you manage multiple sites, you can control the security of them all from one app. Easily switch between different locations of your business using the same app or between your business and home.

Cloud-based security. Gallagher security for SMB is a cloud-based solution, allowing you to manage your security from anywhere, anytime. The system requires no on-site server orrrr dedicated security staff. Idramaticallyallylylly updatlateste latest firmware, security updates, and functionality.

Bosch Security Systems: The Ultimate Solution for Your Security Needs

At Adeva Security, we understand the importance of reliable security solutions that protect your property and ensure peace of mind. We recommend the Bosch Solution Series of alarm systems to our clients.

The Bosch Solution Series is a range of high-quality, reliable alarm systems designed to meet the needs of businesses and homes alike. With various features and options, including wireless connectivity and remote access, the Solution Series is a versatile and flexible solution for any security requirement.

One of the critical features of the Solution Series is its advanced integration capabilities, which allow for seamless integration with other security systems, including CCTV and access control systems. This integration provides a comprehensive security solution efficiently managed from a central location.

The Solution Series also includes advanced motion sensors and detection technology, ensuring your property is protected from any potential intrusion. With reliable and accurate detection capabilities, you can be confident that your alarm system will immediately detect any threats and alert you and our 24/7 monitoring team.

In addition to its advanced features and capabilities, the Solution Series is easy to use and manage, with a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. This makes managing and monitoring your security system easy, ensuring your property is always protected.

At Adeva Security, we recommend the Bosch Solution Series to our clients because of its advanced features, reliable performance, and ease of use. Our team of experienced security professionals can work with you to design and install a custom security solution that meets your specific needs and provides the level of protection you require. Contact us today to learn more about the Bosch Solution Series and our custom security solutions.

DSC NEO: Advanced Security Solutions from Adeva Security

DSC NEO is a top-of-the-line security system that offers advanced features and functionality to meet your home or business security needs. This reliable and flexible system provides multiple layers of security with its advanced detection capabilities and customisable features.

The DSC NEO system offers a range of wired and wireless devices, including motion detectors, door and window contacts, and glass break detectors, which can be fully integrated with other security components like cameras and access control systems. In addition, with its wireless connectivity, the DSC NEO system allows easy installation and seamless integration with your existing security infrastructure.

One of the critical features of the DSC NEO system is its PowerG technology, which provides secure, encrypted communication between devices, ensuring maximum protection against hacking and interference. Additionally, the system can be easily monitored and managed through a mobile app, allowing you to remotely arm and disarm your system, receive notifications, and monitor activity in real time.

At Adeva Security, we recommend the DSC NEO system for its advanced technology, reliability, and flexibility. Our licensed professionals are experienced in designing, installing, and maintaining DSC NEO systems, ensuring that your property is protected with the highest level of security available. Please reach out to us today to learn more about how the DSC NEO system can meet your specific security needs.


The Qolsys IQ4: Smart Security for Your Home or Business with Adeva Security

The Qolsys IQ4 is a state-of-the-art security system that provides advanced protection for your home or business. With Adeva Security, you can rely on IQ4 to safeguard your property with innovative and efficient security features.

The IQ4 is an all-in-one system that seamlessly integrates with various devices, including cameras, sensors, and smart home devices, to provide total protection and control. With its advanced touch-screen panel, the IQ4 is easy to use and navigate, allowing you to manage your security settings easily.

The IQ4 is built with advanced technology that detects potential threats and sends you alerts in real time. This feature enables you to monitor your property even when you’re away, giving you peace of mind knowing your home or business is secure.

With the IQ4, you can also control your system remotely through the Qolsys app on your smartphone or tablet. This app enables you to arm or disarm your system, check the status of your sensors and cameras, and receive instant alerts for potential security breaches.

At Adeva Security, we understand the importance of protecting your property, so we recommend the Qolsys IQ4. It’s a reliable, innovative, and efficient system that provides complete peace of mind. In addition, our team of licensed professionals will work with you to customise your IQ4 to meet your specific security needs, ensuring your property is protected around the clock.

Inception Inner Range Alarm: Advanced Security Solutions by Adeva Security

The Inception Inner Range alarm is a cutting-edge security system that provides maximum protection for your home or business. With its advanced technology, this alarm system offers a range of features to keep your property safe from intruders.

One of the standout features of the Inception Inner Range alarm is its flexible and scalable design. As a result, the system can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your property, whether it’s a small home or a large commercial building. This means you can choose the features and components that best suit your security requirements.

The Inception Inner Range alarm also boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to operate. You can control your security system with a touchscreen keypad or mobile device, giving you complete control no matter where you are.

The alarm system comes with various advanced detection sensors and devices, including motion sensors, glass break detectors, and door and window sensors, all designed to detect unwanted intruders.

In addition, the Inception Inner Range alarm offers a range of other security features, such as access control, video surveillance, and integration with third-party security systems. This ensures that your property is protected from all angles.

At Adeva Security, we highly recommend the Inception Inner Range alarm for its reliability, flexibility, and advanced features. Our team of licensed professionals will work with you to customise your security system to ensure the safety and security of your home or business.

Customised Alarm Systems for Your Business by Adeva Security

Adeva Security offers customised alarm systems that can be tailored to meet the specific security needs of your home or business. We understand that every property is different, so we provide a range of security solutions designed to be flexible and adaptable.

Our alarm systems come equipped with the latest technology, including reed switches, wireless systems, and glass break detectors, to protect your property from unwanted intruders. In addition, we offer a range of alarm packages, from basic to more comprehensive solutions, that include cameras, alarms, and video doorbells. Our licensed team of professionals will work with you to choose the ideal alarm system that suits your needs.

Our products are integrated with a mobile app, allowing you to quickly arm or disarm your system at the touch of a button from anywhere. We also offer smoke and heat detection as an extra layer of protection for your home and family. Our smoke detectors are active 24/7, ensuring your safety at all times. In case of detection, the alarm will sound, and our 24/7 monitoring team will try to contact you and your emergency contacts to take the right actions.

We provide commercial alarm systems with security solutions for businesses to protect your property and employees. Our wireless alarm and security systems can be installed and moved seamlessly, making it easy for you to build the required level of security that suits your business.

Our alarm panel and security alarm system give you total control at your fingertips, allowing you complete control over your property’s security. For an added level of protection, we also provide patrols from our professional security officers. With up to 3 monthly patrol responses, our patrol car will be dispatched to your home to assess the situation and alert emergency services if required.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your home alarm system or any other Adeva Security product, our team is always ready to help.

Intrusion alarms.

Adeva protects your property with leading-edge, reliable technology. In addition, we provide tailored solutions by analysing your organisation and helping you choose the most robust and reliable intrusion alarm system.

Automatic Arming

Our solutions allow you to detect if your property is left vulnerable after hours. Alarm systems will arm automatically based on card swipe rules or set business hours.

User code & emergency contact management

Our systems allow you or your management to add and delete user codes instantly. In addition, you can manage your monitoring station emergency contact list from a mobile app or website.

24/7 property awareness

Our technologies allow you to monitor operations even when the alarm is disarmed.
We offer easy-to-use solutions for owners and managers to organise site locations into a top-down hierarchy of groups. You can easily manage user codes, access permissions, and system settings anytime. This does not require a costly technician rollout which saves time and increases efficiency.

Adeva provides “Enterprise Dashboards”, which give you ultimate control of your alarm arming state. Coupled with fully integrated solutions, including CCTV and access control, it allows you complete control and safety for all business locations.