What Factors Do Burglars Look for in a Home?

What Factors Do Burglars Look for in a Home?

To make your home safe from burglary and theft, it is first important to understand and recognise certain vulnerabilities that burglars look for in homes, which make your property an easy target. There are a number of factors that can make your home a prime target for theft, ranging from location to levels of home security. Adeva Security is the expert in making your home safe, however, to do so it is vital to first identify the weak points of your home, as well as the dos and don’ts of home security methods and techniques. In this blog, we will explore and explain certain vulnerabilities that many homes have, what are the chances of someone breaking into your house and why, as well as how to make your home less likely to be broken into.

What are the Chances of Someone Breaking into Your House?

Statistics have shown that over 20% of all Australian homes have been burgled at some point. A one in five chance of your home being burgled is quite a high rate and is more than enough reason to implement some sort of residential security system in order to deter burglars from choosing to target your home. Of course, the chances of your home being burgled change drastically depending on several factors, including the location of your home and the community that you live in, as well as what precautions you put in place to reduce the risk. Burglaries are far more common at night, and in more than three quarters of all burglaries, the perpetrator is inside the property for less than five minutes.

How to Make Your Home Less Likely to be Broken Into

There are a wide range of effective measures that you can take to mitigate and reduce the risk of your house being broken into. Some popular and relatively cheap ways of doing this include getting a dog that barks loudly when intruders come onto the property, installing grilled windows, having lights on outside your home and ensuring your doors are always locked using strong and robust locking systems.

How Adeva Security Can Help

Being experts in home security systems, we are here to help you reduce the risk of your home being burgled. Home alarm systems are an extremely effective way of deterring intruders. Statistics have shown that only 13% of burglars will continue trying to break into a home after an alarm has been set off. At Adeva Security, we stock and install high quality and effective home alarm systems, as well as sensor lights, CCTV cameras and motion detectors.

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