Choosing the Right CCTV System for Your Home

Choosing the Right CCTV System for Your Home

When installing a security system for your home, it is vital that you choose CCTV cameras that best suit the needs of your property. Having a home surveillance camera that works may not be enough, your property may require extra components such as extra lighting, an audio integration system or a camera that uses motion sensors to follow movement. It is also important to consider where your home surveillance camera, or cameras, need to be positioned, how much light they will be exposed to and what sort of CCTV cameras your property requires. All these aspects make choosing the right CCTV surveillance system a complicated task.

Adeva Security is here to break down the pros and cons of certain CCTV cameras, to help you choose the right ones for your property.

Getting the Best Security Camera System for Your Home

It is important to remember that different residential properties require different levels of security. For example, you may need a relatively high quality, yet affordable system for your home, whilst an institution, such as a bank, requires a far more sophisticated security system. It is vital that you research your products properly before purchase, to ensure you select the best security camera system for your needs. Some aspects and components to consider are listed below.

Do You Require Night Vision?

Some CCTV cameras do not have night vision abilities, which renders them useless in the dark. If you are planning on installing a CCTV security system for your home, it may be necessary to acquire one with night vision. Another option for outdoor security cameras is to place a motion-sensor light above the camera to ensure it has exposure to a light source when required.

Do You Require Zoom Capabilities?

Some, generally more expensive cameras, have a zoom function that allows you to zoom in and out at will. For cameras that are directed towards small spaces, this is likely unnecessary. However, if you are installing cameras at the front of your house, pointed towards the street, a zoom function may come in handy.

What Resolution Do I Require?

There are a range of CCTV cameras on the market, with differing resolutions. It is important to identify which of your cameras require higher resolutions than others and ensure that those are installed in the correct areas.

Do I Require Fixed or Moving Surveillance?

Fixed CCTV cameras are cheaper however they may miss certain areas, creating blind spots. A moving CCTV camera detects motion and will follow that motion in a stealthy way. Although these cameras are generally more expensive, they may prove the difference between catching someone in the act and letting them slip away.

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