How to Safeguard Your Business From Burglars

Business security does at times get neglected as business owners – particularly office-based businesses – believe that their business does not offer anything of significant material value. All businesses have high value to the owners, employees and clients and take heed if you take belief in this lapse of business security. Granted, properties or businesses with physical assets such as shops, workshops, garages are more prone to burglary, but all companies should consider security. This article looks at measures you can take to make your business safer.

Get Good Business Security

As experts in securing properties, our first tip is to ensure that you have best security tech protecting your property. Top of the list should be CCTV that is well installed and regularly maintained. Couple this with the latest burglar alarms that can all be controlled digital via the internet and your first defence line is armed.

Retailers Get Geared Up

For retail business, CCTV is without a doubt indispensable. CCTV footage of shoplifters is an invaluable tool to help with prosecution. Other measures that can be taken are to security tag high price items as well as other retail security products.

Reinforce With a Visual Deterrent

With your security gear in place, make sure that you make it loud and clear to any would be intruders that your property is protected. Place notices and posters that highlight that the property is under CCTV surveillance as an additional message. This is also likely to comply with any data protection regulations in your state.

Let There Be Light

Ensure that as night falls, the exterior of your property is well illuminated as this lighting will add levels of deterrence. Motion detecting lighting can also be used to stop individuals approaching your property. On the inside of the building, lights that come on on timers should also be considered.

Business Neighbourhood Watch

There is strength in numbers. Businesses should work together to be vigilant and, very much like the Neighbourhood Watch, they should band together to share information and resources to make the collective of the businesses safer. In the retail industry – again depending on data protection regulations – shops and retailers may share information on known shoplifters and people potentially known for causing trouble.

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