Retail Store Security Systems monitored using AI and Cameras

Retail Store Security Systems monitored using AI and Cameras

Australia’s Most Trusted Retail Store Security Systems

Did you know that on average, 1% of all retail business revenue is lost each year due to crime related incidences? Although this figure may seem small, it can make a huge difference over the course of a full financial year. It is a fact that all retail owners need to accept, wherever there are shops, there is the likelihood of shoplifters. This is true for all different types of retail stores, whether it’s fashion, homewares, electronics or bookshops, your shop is always at risk of theft or vandalism. Incorporating a reliable integrated security system can help safeguard your business against these revenue losses. An effective retail security system uses a few different security hardware and software products, so that you can manage your retail stock and activities within your store as closely as possible.

Adeva Security’s Best Retail Store Security Systems

At Adeva Security, we recommend a combined number of different types of security systems to best secure your store against the possibility of theft and vandalism. This commonly starts with the use of theft deterring CCTV cameras. These are placed at all points of entry and are usually large and easily visible to put off potential intruders. We also recommend smaller cameras within the store itself, which allows you to monitor day to day activities within the shop, including monitoring staff movements. We also recommend the use of software that tracks your employee’s transactions, to ensure that there is no loss of revenue due to workers giving away items or goods without the permission of management and/or ownership. A good security system also comes in handy in the case of insurance claims. With a quality security system, the vast majority of your retail store should be monitored at all times, which means if anything is stolen, there should be irrefutable evidence of this on your CCTV system.

Quality and Reliable Products

For our retail security packages, we ensure that we use only the very best products to give you the utmost confidence that your security system will be working properly and protecting you against potential theft and vandalism. We suggest a Hikvision camera for a shop, which are ideal for small to medium-sized retail stores

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