What to Consider Before Choosing an Access Control System

What to Consider Before Choosing an Access Control System

Access control systems are an ideal and effective way of reducing the risk of theft and property damage within your business. There are several different types of access control systems, which include entry controls, as well as access controls on digital systems. You can also add additional features of access control systems, such as granting or denying access to certain staff members, not only regarding area access, but also when they are able to access the property. These systems are a fantastic way to control who comes in and out of your property, as well as allowing you to track which employees were in certain areas at certain times.

What is an Access Control System?

Before we discuss what factors to consider before installing one of these, it is important to answer: what is an access control system? In simple terms, they are electronically controlled systems that grant or deny certain personnel access to a specific secure portal. This might be a physical portal, such as a room, or a digital one, such as classified files on a computer system. These are just a couple of examples of the different types of access control systems.

Below, Adeva Security outlines some factors to consider before purchasing an access control system.

The Size and Scope of Your Property

Depending on how large your property is, as well as how many different areas require security approval for access, you can determine what type of access control system you need.

What Times Your Business is Open

There are a range of different features of access control systems, one of which is the ability to grant or deny access to the property depending on time of day, or certain days during the week. It may be the case that your business is closed on weekends, which may require you to deny access to all of your employees on those days.

How Many People Are Entering or Exiting the Property?

If you are running a large-scale operation that requires hundreds of people to use the access control system on a day-to-day basis, it may be in your best interest to purchase a higher quality system, to make sure the system can handle that level of foot traffic.

How Easy is the System to Monitor and Adjust?

In a business setting, especially a large-scale operation, an employee’s responsibilities and work requirements change regularly. If this is the case, it is important that you have an access control system that allows you to easily alter individual’s access to certain areas.

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