Access Control.

Unlike traditional keyed locks, an access control system allows you to immediately grant or deny access to areas in your building and determine what times people can enter. Access Control systems comprise electronic locks and other technologies to identify users enrolled in a system. These users can be enrolled as cards/tags, smartphones, fingerprints or biometrics, and facial recognition cameras.

Adeva’s access control security solutions do more than lock and unlock doors. Instead, we provide you with a system to assist you in implementing seamless control of all entry/exit points throughout your business. We offer a range of stand-alone access control systems and large managed systems, allowing companies to gain situational awareness of their day-to-day operations. All our security solutions are built to suit your needs whilst offering future scalability.


Access control systems can integrate with intrusion detection systems, CCTV systems, visitor management systems, HR systems, and many more applications. As a result, we offer improved efficiencies and enhanced security for you and your operation.

Critical access control solutions:

– Take control of specific areas within your building and limit access to particular parts       of your building by date/time or by user
– Control access to parking facilities via booms and gates
– Control elevators
– Open doors with a mobile device using cloud access
– Automate management to save time and manual work

Access control solutions provide rich data by identifying each person entering your facility and offer extensive reports to aid your companies access management.

Integration of CCTV cameras allows you to watch what is happening in multiple sites allowing even greater insight into your visitor management system. In addition, these technologies will enable you to identify and log visitors entering your facilities. Visitor management support will allow you to both identify and log every person that enters your building.

Adeva supports clients with single, multiple, and even remote facilities. We supply and install systems such as Integriti, Inception, and Tecom, which all come with an easy-to-use interface. These systems support clients with increased security whilst aiding in smoother daily business operations.