Understanding CCTV Camera Footage Quality

Understanding CCTV Camera Footage Quality

Installing CCTV security cameras is an effective way of reducing the risk of property damage and theft, as well as capturing CCTV footage of criminals in the act. However, if your CCTV cameras are not producing high quality footage, it renders them ineffectual when it comes to identifying perpetrators. If your cameras are pointing in the wrong direction, have dirt on the lens, or are connected using poor quality cables, the CCTV footage that you obtain will be useless.

Why Surveillance Cameras Are Good

Before we look deeper into the effects of security camera resolution, it is important to understand why surveillance cameras are good to have around your property. They are one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your property from theft and damage. They are easy to install, last a long time (with proper maintenance), are visible from the exterior of the property and produce and save footage that can be looked at well after a crime has been committed. Furthermore, through integrated home automation systems from Adeva Security, you are able to check the footage from your CCTV cameras remotely, on your mobile device, from anywhere around the world.

Security Camera Resolutions

: Camera resolutions refer to the quality of the image that you obtain from your CCTV camera. By using cameras that have higher resolutions, you will be able to see the images more clearly, and hence identify the individuals more easily. The highest resolution cameras use 4K resolution, which essentially means there are 4,000 pixels making up the image. This gives you the clearest and cleanest CCTV footage. If you are unable to get your hands on, or afford 4K security cameras, the next best is 1080p. This uses 1,080 pixels to make up the image and is recognised as a high-definition camera.

How to Improve CCTV Image Quality

There are several things that you can do to improve CCTV image quality around your home or business. These can be very simple things such as keeping your cameras clean and ensuring that they are directed towards the intended area. You can also improve CCTV image quality by installing lights near the cameras. This means that even when it is dark, you will get high quality CCTV footage.

Why Invest in Quality CCTV Cameras?

By spending a bit of extra money on a quality security camera system, you can save your business time and money in the long run. If your property is broken into and burgled, it is likely that you will rely on your CCTV cameras to help identify and catch the perpetrator. If your cameras produce low quality footage, are pointed in the wrong direction, have poor lighting or are completely not working, you will have an extremely hard time identifying the criminal. If you cannot identify the perpetrator, it makes it very hard to prosecute anyone, and hence your cash or belongings are unlikely to ever be returned.

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