Safety Tips for the Elderly Living Alone

Safety Tips for the Elderly Living Alone

As we begin to age as a population, it has become more and more popular for elderly people to live at home until later in life. This is a popular option for many due to the increased freedom it provides. However, although it remains a good option, it’s important that you’re aware of the potential dangers of living at home alone and prepare accordingly. Here are our top tips for keeping your home as safe as possible.

Keep Emergency Numbers Handy

Falls, burns and poisonings are the most common accidents involving older people. So, if you’re living alone, you need to ensure that you have help available at the touch of a button, should you require it. Make sure you have a list of all relevant emergency numbers by each phone in your home, as well as having them saved in your mobile phone.

Safety-Proof Your Home to Prevent Trips and Falls

A cluttered home may cause you to fall, particularly if you’re a little unsteady on your feet. You should make sure that your hallways, stairs and corridors are free from clutter, such as books or shoes. In addition, try to limit the use of rugs, particularly at the top and bottom of stairs. If you need rugs for additional warmth in your home, then tape the corners to the floor so that they do not move as you walk across them.

If you’ve fallen before or you feel you may be at risk of falling, then consider purchasing a special alarm that you wear as a bracelet or necklace. Then, if you fall and can’t get to the phone, you can push a button on the alarm. This will call emergency services for you.

You should also buy several nightlights, placing them on your route from the bedroom to the bathroom. This can help provide you with a well-lit pathway at night.

Protect Against Abuse

As an older adult living alone, you may become a target for criminals and fraudsters. To guard against this, you should keep your windows and doors locked at all times, even when you’re home. If you answer the door to someone unknown, you should never let them into your home and you should always ask to see their credentials.

If you’re interested in an offer made by a door to door salesman or someone over the phone, then always ask them to call back later, so you can discuss the offer with family members. You should never be pressured into making a purchase or signing a contract and, if the offer is genuine, the salesman will be happy to call back later. You should also get the offer in writing, if possible.

Make Relevant Modifications

When you’re elderly and living alone, you may find some jobs difficult, such as getting up the stairs or having a shower. However, you can modify your home to make these tasks simpler and reduce the risk of trips and falls.

For example, in the bathroom, you can buy a high-rise toilet seat and a hand rail so it’s easier to sit down and get back up again. You can also buy a seat to lower you into the bath or a seat for in the shower. Many of these also come with a notch to hold a handheld shower nozzle, so you don’t have to reach and stretch for the hose. You can also skid-proof the bath and ensure that your bath mat is non-slip.

In the hallway, consider investing in a stair lift to help you get up and down the stairs safely.

Drug Safety

Visit your doctor frequently to review your medicines and ensure that you’re getting all the help you need. When you return home, write down your schedule so that you don’t forget it and clearly label all your medicine to avoid any potential confusion. If you find it simpler, you can divide all your medicine into a dispenser labelled with the days of the week.

Consider Home Security

When you live alone, home security is more important than ever before. By installing a home security system, you can feel confident in the security of your home.

With smartphone connectivity, your family can also get email and text notifications to check on your safety. By installing CCTV, not only can you deter unwanted visitors, but your family can also stay up-to-date with what’s going on at your property. With 24/7 security monitoring, you can rest easy knowing a professional is on hand, should you need help.

Plus, a home security system can even help to transform your life, helping you with tasks such as locking doors and turning lights on and off, automating the process.

If you’re interested in a home security system, then contact Adeva Security today on 1300 773 633.