How the Internet of Things has changed home security

How the Internet of Things has changed home security

It is often hard to believe that within a relatively small timescale – the early 1990s – that the internet and associated technology has become not only omnipresent, but applicable and valuable to almost every aspect of our lives. Around 2016, a new term was coined called the Internet of Things or IoT which simplistically refers to a network of physical devices, home (or commercial) appliances or smart technology that can be remotely controlled via an internet connection.

IoT is hugely applicable to the home security through an ever-growing range of cheap, accessible and easy to manage devices to improve home security including these listed below.

Smart Lighting

Arguably one of the easiest items to install – without the need for any electricians – smart lighting gives you the ability to remotely turn lights on or off from the comfort of your smart phone. Lighting at night is a huge deterrent to would be burglars and if you find yourself delayed returning home you can control your home. Motion detection lighting can also be highly useful.

Burglar Alarms

Traditionally, alarm systems needed to be manually set when you left the premises and more often than not, you can leave your home with that niggling doubt as to whether you set it up correctly. With smart alarm systems that can be controlled via any wifi enabled device giving you complete ease of mind.


While professional setup is advisable, residential CCTV systems are now fully integrated with the internet and most critically – depending on your service providers – allow you the freedom to connect with your CCTV system remotely and view your property. While this may sound very Big Brother, there may be a need at a given point to check on your property – potentially if a neighbour has seen some movement in or around your home.
With cheap cloud storage, storing CCTV footage is now much easier and additional functionality such as motion detection ensures that you are only storing footage that is of use.

Remote Reporting

The ultimate wonder of IoT is that it is not only a 24/7 technology but is also accessible by any internet enabled device. Traditional lighting, CCTV and burglar alarms are great, they act as deterrents but unless they are internet enabled what you can often find is that you return to the scene of a crime. IoT enabled products however have huge advantage of having immediate reporting abilities – if CCTV is triggered, or a motion detection light switches on, you are informed remotely and can call the police.

In this day and age of alarm apathy – ignoring car or domestic alarms when they go off – internet enabled alarm systems allow you to know the moment something triggers an alert and rather than coming home to an emptied home with a blaring alarm, notifications and alerts via your smartphone alert you the moment something needs your attention.

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