How far can a security camera see at night?

How far can a security camera see at night?

Whether you’re looking to protect your home or business, it’s important that you properly utilise technology to ensure all your belongings, staff and family are safe. One way that you can do this is by using security cameras.

If you’re looking to safeguard a large area, then it’s important that you know how far your security camera can see, particularly at night. In this post, we look into why you should use night vision security cameras, what factors influence how far they can see and how far they can see at night.

Why Use Night Vision Security Cameras?

People used to associate night vision cameras with military operations, wildlife documentaries and ghost hunting. However, the technology is now easily accessible and affordable, making it an ideal solution for home and business security at night.

Most break-ins or attempted break-ins occur in the evening or at night, so ensuring your home or office is protected 24/7 should be a priority.

What Factors Influence How Far a Security Camera Can See?

Before we look at specific influences that dictate how far your security cameras can see in the dark, let’s take a look at three factors that influence how far your security camera can see generally.

  1. Focal Length

The focal length is the most important factor in determining how far your security camera can see. Some cameras have a variable focal length, while others have a fixed focal length.

The focal length of your camera is measured in millimetres (mm). The smaller the focal length your camera has, the wider the field of view. Opposing this, the larger your focal length, the smaller the field of view.

  1. Resolution

As well as ensuring that your security camera can see at the right distance, you also need to make sure that it’s able to provide you with a clear image. The resolution of the camera will often affect its price.

  1. Location

Particularly for wireless security cameras, the location of the camera itself is also important. This is because materials such as concrete or brick, as well as obstacles such as trees, can weaken the signal strength between the receiver and the camera.


What About Night Time Specifically?

Many standard cameras on the market require some amount of light to see. As a result, these cameras are not able to see at night. Always check the product specifications to ensure the camera has night vision capabilities.

In addition to the above factors (focal length, resolution and location), how well your security camera can see at night depends on:

  • The number of LEDs installed
  • The type of LEDs installed
  • Its lux rating
  • Whether it features infrared (IR) technology or a different form of night vision

How Far Can Security Cameras See at Night?

Night vision cameras often use infrared technology to see clearly at night. This involves flooding an area with light that the human eye cannot see. This technology allows top quality night vision cameras to see for between 100ft and 200ft, helping you monitor your home day and night. We can also set up remote viewing, so you can keep an eye on your home no matter where you are.

As a general rule, you’ll find that black and white night vision cameras cover a longer range than colour security cameras (most cameras operate in colour during the day, but switch to black and white at night). Colour mode often fails in under 100 metres, but black and white mode will still capture clear images. However, this will depend on the exact camera you buy, so ensure you read the camera’s specifications closely. You can get in touch with us for help and advice for selecting the correct cameras and the correct installation practices.

If you’re interested in how night vision security cameras can help keep your home or business safe, then please contact us on 1300 773 633. We can provide you with a free security assessment or quote, ensuring your home and business are safe and secure.