10 Facts About Burglaries & How to Safeguard Your Home

10 Facts About Burglaries & How to Safeguard Your Home

Burglars looking for soft targets have common patterns, read what these are and how you could improve your home security through some easy actions.

Burglars will be deterred by CCTV and any evidence of CCTV would drive them to a softer target

Stating the obvious, any burglar would rather target a house that does not have CCTV alarm systems in place. The latest home security is without a question a great barrier to deter would be burglars and should be one of your priorities.

Convicted burglars avoid targeting homes where an alarm system is installed

While CCTV significantly deters thefts, a well-placed alarm system with visible warnings of the presence of these systems, deters burglars. Modern technology within the alarm systems now presents an unhackable wall of defence – gone are the days of burglars bypassing security systems despite what Hollywood might say.

Daytime is the most common time of break in while families are at work and school

Our common belief is that burglaries happen under cover of the night. Daytime is however the most common time that burglars will have a go when the home is empty. At night-time however, setting an alarm adds security while you sleep.

Burglars read the landscape

Burglars will scout an area and common giveaways that a house might be empty – potentially over extended periods such as holidays. Common tell-tale signs of an opportunity include the appearance of poor maintenance. These include piled up mail, bins not empty or collected and could indicate that the house is empty. If on holiday enlist your neighbours to keep an eye on your property and bring in the mail.

Burglars don’t use force

Again, despite film portrayals of burglaries, thieves would rather enter and exit a property without using force or making noise. Guess what is a burglar’s preferred entry point? Right through your door or window – burglaries are often attributed to human error and ensure that you don’t leave your home leaving a door or window unlocked.

Your garden or fences provide cover

While privacy from the drive way or neighbours is a natural desire, make sure that your bushes or fences do not provide the perfect cover for would be burglars.

Knock, knock

A burglar’s preferred way to scout a house is to brazenly knock on the door. If they get a response they will often come up with a bogus story. Be mindful of strangers and try to remember any distinguishing facts or features of such callers.

Noise is deterrent

If you are away from home, try and make sure that there is some audible noise coming from your house as this also acts as an additional security measure. Any sign of noise and would be robbers will scarper.

Put valuables in an irregular place

Thieves often go straight to the master bedroom on the look out for soft targets and will rarely go to a younger child’s room. Consider placing high-value items in here. While this may not be practical for items used every day, if you have special jewellery that is stored and rarely worn, consider these and other items in your toddler’s room.

Loud dogs and noisy neighbours

While your neighbours and or their lour dogs may infuriate you, the noise deterrent will again work in your favour to safeguard you against snooping burglars.

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