The Future of Building Security

The Future of Building Security

Some years ago, “smart water” was the talk of the security industry and all homes were expected to take up this revolutionary security application. Smart water placed a specific liquid and forensically traceable footprint that could be traced and lead to prosecution, but it has not taken off in the domestic environment successfully. Not all security advances succeed, and this article looks at the future of building security and what we may expect to see in the residential and business security sectors.

At Adeva Security, we believe that the huge leaps in both residential and business security will continue to harness the ongoing developments over the last decade and will continue to develop digital security. Digital is where both the end user and the security industry themselves want to be and will continue to piggy back the daily advances in the Internet of Things (IOT) and our growing dependence on information now, from wherever we want.

We already have remote access to security systems, the ability to drop in on our home CCTV from afar, cloud storage of videos and household automation that many would have thought impossible only some decades ago. Home automation – aside from facilitating daily life – has added layers of home security often as a side product. The ability to control lighting, audio devices and in some houses curtains and blinds to provide ease and luxury have inadvertently given us the ability to make a household look inhabited, look active and the by-product has improved security.

Technology developers learn from new products and there is constant development and we see technology becoming much more integrated across all domestic and industrial spheres. In this way we anticipate all devices becoming much more connected – in the business setting for example any outage of power, down time of routers or other means that could impact a business will become integrated into security devices. In the domestic setting, power outages, device failure such as freezers etc., will become integrated into one device where users can access the current “status” of their property. Security will become a word with a wider sense, understanding and implications and will become a property health check that, with the power of cloud computing and the internet, will always be accessible.

Smaller Devices

Something that is happening now and will continue to grow, is that security devices such as alarms and CCTV will continue to shrink in size but will improve in terms of quality. Homes and businesses will have multiple CCTV points, potentially within each room so that you can track movements throughout the property. Quality will improve – the days of grainy and fuzzy CCTV footage that fails to support a prosecution are already long gone and CCTV will continue to have tracking abilities, following individuals around a room and throughout a property. With that increased ability to monitor people’s movements, there will naturally be an outcry about personal freedom, but if clear indications that you are under CCTV coverage are made prominent then burglar beware.

Device Tracking

We already have the means to track digital products such as phones and laptops via GPS and more and more high-ticket price products are being developed with discrete tracking systems. Manufacturers of expensive power tools that have the tendency to go walkabout onsite now have built in GPS tracking and we anticipate the use of GPS tracking becoming much more widespread and by becoming smaller will become harder for would be burglar to steal. With the omnipresent internet there are too many capture points available for a would-be burglar to go off grid quickly and tracking stolen items will become easier – adding an extra layer of security to the future of building security.

At Adeva Security we constantly monitor the security sector for both the domestic and business worlds and pioneer bringing new technologies to the market including the newest CCTV and burglar alarms, talk to our team on 1300 773 633 to see how we can make your property more secure in the future.