Security Tips to Consider When Moving Your Australian Business

Security Tips to Consider When Moving Your Australian Business

Relocating your business can be an exciting yet stressful time for Australian business owners. There are several things to consider when relocating a business, with one of the most important being, how do I make my new location safe and secure when I eventually move in? Here, we will break down and discuss which security factors and other things to consider when relocating a business. We will also offer advice and tips as to what factors are most important in creating a safe and secure new business environment for you, your workers, and your stock.

Research Your Location

Different areas of towns or cities have different crime rates, which is one of the most important security factors to consider when relocating your business. It is important for you to do comprehensive research into recent crime statistics in your new location, for you to implement the necessary security systems to help keep your property secure.

Is There a Pre-Existing Security System Already in Place?

One of the main things to consider when relocating your business is whether the new location has a pre-existing and already installed security system. If this is the case, it can save you and your business money. It is also beneficial as it has likely been set up and tailored to that specific property already.

Is There Sufficient Street Lighting?

One of the most important security factors to consider is whether there is sufficient street lighting surrounding your property. If there is not, your CCTV cameras may not have sufficient lighting to capture quality images, and hence you may need to install extra lighting to solve this issue.

Securing Your Assets

During the move itself, it is vital that you properly secure your assets so that they are accounted for during transit from your old location to your new one. This involves properly securing them in boxes, doing a reliable stock count and properly labelling boxes.

Updating Your Security System

If your new location does not have a pre-existing security system already installed, you may need to think about using your old system. However, if you have been in your old location for a long while, this equipment and the security devices may be out of date and in need of an upgrade.

Reliable Installation

If you choose to use your old security equipment such as cameras and alarm systems, they will need to be re-installed in the new location. It is vital that you have these installed by a professional security company, to ensure that all the new vulnerable areas of your business are well protected.

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