Security Systems Gold Coast

The Benefits of Our Smart Security Systems in Gold Coast

There’s no need to worry about the safety of your home or business thanks to our innovative, tamper-resistant security systems in Gold Coast. Below, we discuss why you can trust us, the benefits of our solutions and how you can extract the maximum benefit from them.

What You Can Expect from Adeva Security Regarding Alarm Systems in Gold Coast

From the protection our systems offer to their ease of use, here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Remotely controlled alarms: You gain full control over your security system when you purchase it from the professionals at Adeva Security. Set automated arming schedules, manage access to your property, reduce your energy usage, monitor usage trends, receive instant alerts and much more with our innovative security systems.
  • We’ll continuously monitor your security system: When you purchase our base to base alarms in Gold Coast, you can rest assured that somebody is always keeping a watchful eye over your property, ready to act should anybody attempt to break an entry. We can store footage on a cloud-based solution to prevent the loss of data and mishaps. If you invest in our security cameras, you can view what’s happening at your property in real-time in HD.
  • Unrivalled flexibility: With our solutions, you can arm and disarm your alarm system using your smartphone from any location. You can also control multiple sites using one solution as well as provide access codes to employees and restrict certain areas. Moreover, thanks to remote monitoring, you can grant access to delivery companies and tradespeople without having to be present at your property.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Security Cameras in Gold Coast

We consider ourselves leaders in affordable security solutions for homes and businesses, but you can get even more value from our solutions by:

  • Taking advantage of energy management and automation: Not only do our products maximise your business’s security, but they also help you reduce costs. Using your phone, you can turn lights on and off, manage your thermostat, remotely unlock doors fitted with commercial-grade locks and much more.
  • Realising the benefits of cloud-based recording: There’s no need to purchase, store, or maintain recording hardware on your property thanks to our cloud solutions. We store your data on remote, secure servers, ensuring employees can’t erase data by mistake and criminals can’t tamper with your system.
  • Using business insights to improve the efficiency of your solution: Our technologically-advanced systems give you notifications so that you can improve their effectiveness and see when problems arise. For example, if an employee leaves a door open to a restricted area or somebody forgets to arm the alarm, our system will send a notification to your smartphone, allowing you to rectify issues and prevent harm to your company.

About Adeva Security

Since 2013, we’ve established ourselves as leading suppliers and installers of smart security solutions that can not only protect your premises but also help you reduce your energy usage. Our systems are straightforward to use and virtually impenetrable as well as continuously monitored for your peace of mind. Learn more about the benefits of our alarm and camera systems by calling us today.