Adeva Security proudly offers a broad spectrum of intercom systems, ensuring that your business enjoys enhanced communication and security regardless of budget.

MSI Openpath Video Intercom iphone screen unlock

Integrating intercom systems allows you to:

  • Enhance Internal Communications: Facilitate seamless interaction between different areas of your premises.
  • Monitor and Control: Vigilantly oversee and manage entrance and exit points to ensure security.
  • Instant Communication: Provide real-time communication during emergencies or pivotal events, ensuring prompt response and action.
  • Simplify Operations: Boost productivity by minimising unnecessary physical movement and streamlining everyday processes.
  • Touchless Reliable Access: Our patented Triple Unlock technology ensures hands-free access. Options range from Wave to Unlock, mobile or watch apps, tablets, and HF and LF keycard fobs to our innovative Cloud Key.
  • Smart Intercom: Elevate visitor interactions with our Video Intercom Reader Pro. Visitors can vocally convey their intent, connecting with the person they’re visiting, interacting with a receptionist, or leaving a voicemail, all through our intuitive voice interface.
  • Easy to Install: Our sleek mullion design ensures effortless mounting and installation. With simple PoE connectivity and a snap-in design, integration becomes hassle-free.
  • Cloud Security: We prioritise your security with encrypted end-to-end communication, fortified further by robust public key cryptography.


Depending on your distinct requirements, we present a variety of options, including top brands such as Avigilon, 2N, AI Phone, and Hikvision. These systems offer centralised control, streamlining communication without straining your network.

Furthermore, many of our solutions can integrate with existing infrastructure elements, facilitating a smooth transition and minimising disruptions.

At Adeva Security, our focus is on enlightening our clients. Before any transaction, we ensure you’re acquainted with the options and confident in your current choice and its adaptability for future enhancements.

Our Consultation Process:

  1. Initial Assessment: A dedicated meeting to understand your current system, identify areas of enhancement, determine feature preferences, and comprehend your envisaged use of the new system.
  2. Site Visit: It is especially crucial to upgrade an existing intercom system. This step ensures all components will be compatible and integrated efficiently.
  3. Proposal Formation: Adeva Security crafts a personalised proposal detailing intercom system locations, integration methods, installation costs, and other vital considerations.