Office and Business Security over the Christmas Holidays

Office and Business Security over the Christmas Holidays

Outside of the retail industry, many businesses begin to slow down over the Christmas period. Some even close entirely. However, because of this, there’s a chance that burglars may target your business. In this post, we’ll detail the best three techniques for keeping your office or business safe and secure over the Christmas period, including how you can prevent your business becoming a target, how you can keep it safe when you’re off-site and how you can increase vigilance on-site.

  • Deterring Potential Criminals

Deterring potential offenders is the best form of crime prevention, as many criminals will only target vulnerable businesses.

According to the Australian Retailers Association, in the 6 weeks leading up to Christmas, it is estimated that theft costs Australian businesses around $1.4 billion. With an increased criminal presence at this time of year, it’s important that you show potential thieves that your business isn’t an easy target.

There are many deterrents that your business can use to warn off criminals. As well as a burglar alarm, consider perimeter protection, panic and motion detection devices, intrusion alarms and sensors. If your business employs these methods, then it’s likely that a criminal will look elsewhere, as your business will be considered a high risk target.

  • Ensure You’re in Control from Anywhere

Sadly, even with preventative measures, break-ins can still occur.

Remember that due to family commitments, you will likely spend more time away from your business during the festive season. As a result, you should ensure that your business security system can be activated from anywhere in the world. This way, no matter where you are, you’re in control.

Ensure your alarm system can be monitored from your smartphone or home computer. Then you can see what’s happening on your premises in real-time. This way, should the worst case scenario happen and a break-in occurs, you’ll be fully informed and will be able to act swiftly.

If you use one of our business security systems, then our monitoring centres can provide 24/7 monitoring, even during the festive season. We’ll respond immediately and contact you should a break-in occur. We can even dispatch the emergency services on the spot.

  • Increase Vigilance On-Site

As well as staying in control when you’re off-site, you should be extra vigilant on-site during opening hours.

As part of this, you should be aware of any suspicious activities. Many businesses employ temporary staff to cope with increased demand over Christmas, so you may find a few unfamiliar faces hanging around your business.

If you spot any suspicious activities, either notify your security team or consult your surveillance footage immediately to check whether the person is trying to shoplift or steal from your business.

If you regularly have customers attend your store, then you should also train staff to be extra vigilant. If you see suspicious activity, then something as simple as approaching the individual and asking whether they need any help can act as a great deterrent, as they know they’re being watched.

By following these three tips, you should be able to keep your business or office safe over the Christmas period. If you’re interested in installing any of the security features mentioned or would like further advice on how to keep your office or business safe, then please contact us on 1300 773 633.