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If you’re looking to safeguard a large area, then it’s important that you know how far your security camera can see, particularly at night. In this post, we look into why you should use night vision security cameras, what factors influence how far they can see and how far they can see at night.

Which country has the most burglaries?

Whether you’re emigrating, relocating, planning a holiday, or just considering the safety of your own neighbourhood, knowledge of crime rates can be quite important. Not all countries are equally safe, and it’s important you’re prepared for any foreign visit, regardless of whether it’s for a business trip, a holiday or an extended stay.

There’s no definitive building that holds the title of ‘most secure building in the world’, but here are two places which could be considered to hold the crown. One is designed to keep people out, and the other designed to keep people in.

A personal panic alarm ensures that, when you’re at your most vulnerable, you can get the help you need as quickly as possible. For this reason, they’re a great addition to any residential or commercial security system.

Ten Tips for Office Building Security

This article looks at how you can improve office building security using both simple to implement measures and also harness the latest technologies to make your business safe.

How does a burglar alarm sensor work?

Today however, burglar alarms use many different methods to track any intrusion and combine both traditional – but constantly developing and intelligent PIR – with motion, light and “touch” sensors. Home and business security devices are becoming much more intelligent and can build “safe” patterns into their learning to understand that for example, movements by a domesticated animal are “safe” movements and can be disqualified from triggering the alarm.

The Future of Building Security

Some years ago, “smart water” was the talk of the security industry and all homes were expected to take up this revolutionary security application. Smart water placed a specific liquid and forensically traceable footprint that could be traced and lead to prosecution, but it has not taken off in the domestic environment successfully. Not all security advances succeed, and this article looks at the future of building security and what we may expect to see in the residential and business security sectors.

It is often hard to believe that within a relatively small timescale – the early 1990s – that the internet and associated technology has become not only omnipresent, but applicable and valuable to almost every aspect of our lives. Around 2016, a new term was coined called the Internet of Things or IoT which simplistically refers to a network of physical devices, home (or commercial) appliances or smart technology that can be remotely controlled via an internet connection.

For many states in Australia crime is on the rise. Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland are experiencing a significant increase in the number of unlawful entries & robberies over the past 1-2 years.

While installing CCTV coverage and other means to safeguard your property is without doubt one of the safest deterrents to stop would be burglars, there are sensible additional measures that most households or businesses should take.