Simple home security to deter thieves

One of the first simple home security measures must be to ensure that you have adequate residential security in place such as CCTV and intruder alarms. Armed with the latest technology to protect your home, what are the simple home security measures you can take to deter thieves?

Lock it Down

Do not become complacent with window locks or other existing measures you have at home to secure your house. While realistically you and your family are at home the vast majority of the time, get into a regular routine of ensuring that you have window locks firmly closed, deadlocks firm between the adjoining garage and main house and so forth. Most critically and this is one of the most common opportunistic entry points, ensure that you lock the front door when you go to bed.

Do Not be Burglar Friendly – Hide Valuables

Most residential burglaries are opportunistic in nature and thieves will look for high value items that can easily be stolen and sold on. Make sure that you are disciplined to not leave such items in plain sight. A common example might be leaving laptops or iPads within view from a window – again look to be disciplined and put these kinds of items out of view and away from easy reach. For personal possessions such as jewellery, watches and any sums of cash consider getting a safety deposit box which can be easily fitted in a discrete hiding place. Ultimately, measures to deter thieves from taking your personal belongings should be emanate from a common-sense policy – don’t for example leave your car keys within easy reach while you sleep.

Use Technology to Deter Thieves

With the advent and widescale adoption of smart technology, arm your armoury with easy to install and control tech such as smart lights and remotely controllable audio equipment. Smart lighting that can come on at programmed times will give the impression of a full house even if you aren’t at home and motion triggered lighting in your front and back gardens will work to deter would be thieves.

If you have smart audio products such as Alexa or Google Home, these can be programmed to play at random times of the day. Motion triggered audio products that make a barking dog noise can also work but they are potentially a little too well known by burglars today. If you have none of these available, a good old school radio that plays throughout the day can be just as effective.

At Adeva, we would suggest that residential CCTV is one of the most effective deterrents to burglary. In addition to being a hugely valuable deterrent, domestic CCTV can also record and log any entries that can be later used to try and apprehend and prosecute thieves. Talk to our team of today on 1300 773 633 to see how we can help make your home not only more secure but also to share our knowledge of security measures to deter thieves.