Home Security System Melbourne

Be at Ease Away from Home with a Home Security System in Melbourne

Whether you frequently travel for business, work from home, or commute to an office nearby, you can set your mind at ease with a home security system in Melbourne. Anytime you leave the house; the opportunity exists for burglary. While that’s something that may feel like it always happens to someone else, we are all “someone else” to someone else.

Why Trust Adeva Security with Home Security in Melbourne

Home security systems have advanced significantly over the years, and Adeva Security remains at the cutting-edge of home security technology and strategy.

  • We have earned a reputation as one of Australia’s best known and trusted security companies. Homes and businesses, particularly throughout South East Queensland, have turned to us for years as a reliable company to keep them safe.
  • Our services cover various needs extending from preventing a burglary to responding promptly to fires and other emergencies. Our interconnected systems communicate with our central hub to ensure a swift response to any situation as it develops.
  • Home automation technology is an essential step in the evolution of home security systems. With an automated security system, you can remain connected to what’s happening from anywhere in the world. We’ll respond quickly to get emergency personnel on site in case of need, and we’ll apprise you of the progress, so you can confidently react with full knowledge of the situation.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Home Security Cameras in Melbourne

Here are a few aspects to help you:

  • Select devices that have battery back-ups. Power outages are higher-risk situations due to the lack of lights and many electronics being shut down. With effective back-up systems, you still have protection even when the lights are off.
  • Combine wireless and wired systems for maximum effectiveness. The wireless systems expand the effective area of your system while hardwired systems offer an extra degree of redundancy to prevent connectivity issues from interrupting your protection.

What You Stand to Lose If You Don’t Use Adeva Security

We take security seriously. Our experience covers a broad spectrum of home designs, businesses, and other organisations. By blending technological innovations with intelligent placement of equipment, our team provides full coverage to protect you from any emergency that arises at home.

One of the most important benefits of our service is 24/7 continuous monitoring. In our experience, this is the most significant difference between a system that proactively protects you and one that fails to make an impact. We pride ourselves on reliability in all aspects, from our equipment to our service technicians. Contact us to schedule an initial appointment to review your security needs.