Home Alarm Systems Melbourne

Introducing Our Smart Home Alarm Systems in Melbourne

At Aveda Security, we supply and install sophisticated home alarm systems in Melbourne that prevent crime and keep your property and assets safe, and you can control them using your smartphone from any location. Moreover, even if you lose your internet connection or the phone lines are down, your solution will continue working. Learn more about our security enhancements and how to avoid common mistakes by reading below.

Why Trust Adeva Security Regarding House Alarm Systems in Melbourne

Over the past six years, we’ve grown to become a highly recommended home security company. Here’s why:

  • We fit our solutions with innovative, tamper-resistant technology: Many people worry that hardened criminals will have the skills and experience to bypass their security solution. We’ve eliminated that fear by installing our systems with advanced tamper-resistant technology, ensuring your home is virtually impenetrable to intruders.
  • You can control your security system using your mobile phone: Using your smartphone, you can arm and disable your alarm, receive real-time alerts regarding any activity in your property, view what’s happening inside your home and much more. Give us a call to learn more about the robust features of our security solutions.
  • We provide alarm and camera monitoring around the clock: Whether you’re at work, grocery shopping, or on holiday, you can secure peace of mind your home always has adequate protection. Our highly trained professionals are ready to act at a moment’s notice should anybody try to bypass your system, trespass on your property, or attempt any foul-play.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Home Alarms in Melbourne

You can feel confident that our house alarms in Melbourne will always keep your property and assets safe. However, you should avoid making the following mistakes:

  • Neglecting to make your security system visible: Some people think it’s best to keep their alarm out of sight to prevent criminals from tampering with it, but security enhancements should act as a deterrent. If you want to maximise your home’s security, you should ensure your alarm system is in plain view. Remember – we fit our systems with tamper-resistant technology and receive notifications should anybody try to break them.
  • Forgetting to turn on your solution when going out: When you’re in a rush, neglecting to arm your alarm is an easy mistake to make, but that renders the system useless. Fortunately, because you can control your solution using your smartphone, you can turn it on from any location, ensuring you’ll never forget to protect your home again. You can also set your alarm to turn on and off automatically.
  • Choosing a system that’s easy to bypass: You should avoid purchasing an outdated and inferior solution that some criminals may know how to disable. Instead, invest in a technologically advanced system that even the most experienced of burglars won’t be able to interfere with to ensure only those with permission can access your property.

About Adeva Security

From our head office on Ormeau, we serve residents and business owners across Melbourne and consider ourselves to be among the leading innovators in the development of smart security solutions. If you have any questions or want to find out how we can tailor a system to meet your unique requirements, contact our professionals.