Enhancing Childcare Safety with Advanced CCTV Features

Enhancing Childcare Safety with Advanced CCTV Features

How has CCTV changed, and what role does it play in Child Safety?

Numerous aspects of childcare safety need to be considered, including preventing hazards, reducing the risk of food allergies and ensuring that all children are being looked after equally. Regarding childcare security systems, it is essential to have the correct measures in place to ensure that no unauthorised guardians or unwanted visitors are entering the property and that the carers are doing their jobs properly and taking proper care of their children. As well as considering the safety of the children, it is also vital to put measures in place that will effectively protect the property against potential theft, vandalism, and damage. Adeva Security is Australia’s trusted expert in customising security systems to fit the needs of all properties, including schools and childcare centres.

In our modern era, childcare has dramatically benefited from technological advancements, particularly surveillance and monitoring. While CCTV systems have always been a cornerstone of security, the contemporary versions, powered by Adeva Security, offer functionalities that are leaps and bounds ahead of their predecessors. Let’s examine the features that Adeva Security brings and how we tailor our Childcare safety solutions.


  • Streamlined Investigations & Collaboration:

    • The efficiency of investigations is crucial in childcare settings. Intelligent search options ensure that staff can quickly locate specific incidents.
    • Adeva’s system intricately integrates video with analytics and alarm events, bringing forth relevant incidents without delay.
    • With features like thumbnail and object searches, staff can swiftly sift through extensive data, ensuring no incidents are overlooked.
    • The secure and efficient option to export videos and share them via password-protected links makes collaboration with external entities, such as law enforcement or insurance companies, both secure and seamless.
  • Video Export and Sharing:

    • With Adeva Security, the process of managing video incidents are significantly streamlined.
    • Once video events are exported to the cloud, they can be promptly shared with relevant parties – school staff, administrators, or law enforcement. Additionally, the system allows for notes to be added, ensuring clarity, and offers controlled download options for added security.
  • Robust Identity Management:

    • A robust identity management system is imperative. It ensures that only authenticated individuals can access the surveillance systems they’re cleared for.
    • By enforcing consistent user access policies across the childcare facility, including within the CCTV systems, Adeva Security provides an added layer of protection.
  • Centralised Management:

    • Managing multiple systems can be a challenge. Adeva Security’s centralised management approach simplifies this, providing a unified platform for overseeing surveillance infrastructure.
    • This centralised system bolsters security and streamlines operations, enhancing efficiencies in tasks like user managementvideo exporting, and sharing.
  • Cloud-Based User Management:

    • Adeva Security’s prowess shines in its cloud-based user management system. This ensures that updates are immediate, reaching all users and devices without delay.
    • The capability to manage large numbers of users and devices is enhanced, making the task more manageable and efficient for both IT and operations teams.

Adeva Security: A Specialist in Multi-site Childcare Security and Safety: Adeva Security specialises in multi-site childcare security. Our understanding of childcare settings’ unique needs and challenges means that their solutions are tailor-made for such environments. With a focus on security and ease of use, Adeva Security ensures that children are safeguarded, staff are empowered, and parents can have peace of mind.

In conclusion, the collaboration of advanced CCTV features and Adeva Security’s specialised approach creates an unmatched safety net for childcare facilities. As institutions continue to harness these tools, the goal remains: Providing a secure and nurturing space for children to thrive.

Watch this video to see how you can SAFELY MANAGE, SHARE and REPORT on sensitive footage.