Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is ubiquitous CCTV and is one of the biggest deterrents to burglaries and theft both in the business and residential sectors. A direct correlation between declining burglaries and increased CCTV coverage has been proven. At Adeva we have following tips on CCTV best practice and how to avoid making mistakes.

All The Gear But No Idea

Seek professional advice or risk thinking you are secure when essentially you have installed a CCTV system that is not fit for purpose. “Do it yourselfers” risk not having the correct video storage settings, blind spots or violating any laws surrounding the use of CCTV.

Do Not Delete CCTV Video Data

Continuing from above, too many homes and businesses tend to fail to backup video footage or store it for long enough. With cheap and accessible cloud storage of hard drive storage, CCTV video and stills should be stored and backed up for a sensible period. More often than not, a theft may not be immediately alerted and having the flexibility to refer back to any given date is imperative.

Check, Check, Plan and Check Again

Inline with not trying to go it alone but ensuring you use a professional CCTV security firm, make sure that there are multiple audits of the property to be monitored to include:

  • Seasonality – consider the different seasons of the year and will a perfectly positioned camera have the same effect when plants and trees are in full summer bloom
  • Accessibility – ensure that the camera placement is out of physical reach to anyone that may want to remove it
  • Blind spots, sun and darkness – have a security firm check for any potential blind spots and be mindful of the different times in the day. Sun may blind the CCTV camera and equally make it less effective where night time lighting is poor unless the camera has good night time vision
  • Periodic checks should be planned to ensure that the above potential threats have not become an issue and that the integrity and maintenance of the CCTV system is sound

Do Not Go Fake

There is no doubt that a seasoned burglar can tell the difference between a real CCTV camera and a fake setup – do not sit back and think that a fake CCTV camera will deter the determined.

Go Wireless

Modern CCTV systems can often override the need to complex cabling or direct access to an energy source. This is particularly attractive to bigger properties and businesses who may have a larger area to monitor.

Comply With The Law and Be Sensitive to Your Neighbours

Seek professional advice from the security firm installing your CCTV. As a business there may be legal requirements to ensure you stay within the law – this typically involves complying with data protection aspects.

Residential CCTV users should also be sensitive to neighbours as the prospect of a CCTV camera straying into their porch or garden may cause conflict and while home users are not currently covered by the Privacy Act 1988, a common-sense approach should be used.

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