CCTV Cameras Melbourne

Stay Connected to Your Home with CCTV Cameras in Melbourne

There are few tools more powerful than CCTV cameras in Melbourne to secure your home and remain connected. You’re in charge of your home and can be alerted immediately to any unauthorised visitors or activity.

Why Trust Adeva Security Regarding CCTV Camera Systems in Melbourne

Our experience with CCTV systems in Melbourne has helped us develop a comprehensive approach to protecting your home.

  • We provide complete, round-the-clock coverage to keep an eye on your home. Our staff protect you and yours by responding immediately in the event of any threat or aberration. In case of home invasion or burglary, we’ll contact the police with a confirmed emergency and prompt as swift a response as possible.
  • Our technology is advanced and integrates seamlessly with the devices you already have. Your phone can connect to the live feed from your cameras. Set your mind at ease by seeing what’s happening, no matter where you are.
  • We are a trusted and reliable security service provider. Every week, we install more than 150 new security systems in homes throughout Australia. The experience we glean from this constant work helps us innovate and consistently develop new, improved approaches to security systems and CCTV technology.

What You Stand to Lose If You Don’t Use Adeva Security

Home security is increasingly common, but not every home has it yet. Here are some risks you can avoid by hiring our team to help protect your home:

  • Holiday burglaries are a significant consideration for many Australian homeowners. It’s hard to truly unwind on a vacation and fully relax if you always have a concern and a question about “What if?” in the back of your mind.
  • Protect your family from home invasions. Too often, a home invasion in progress doesn’t give enough time for homeowners to properly respond, increasing the risk of bodily harm or significant theft.
  • Fire alarms are helpful to alert those in the home of danger, but they don’t necessarily alert fire fighters in a timely fashion. Without that immediate alert, your home can suffer irreparable damage, or at least damage so significant that you must find alternate housing for a time.

Why Adeva Security’s CCTV Security Systems in Melbourne Are Cost Effective

We’re on the cutting edge of CCTV and home security solutions. Our constant innovations drive regular improvement and encourage more clients to join us. With the broad base of client support that we now have, you can take advantage of all the research and effort we’ve put in to design their systems.

Our staff constantly keeps alert to problems that arise at any of our clients’ homes or businesses, so we keep a direct line available to police and other emergency responders. Because we can concentrate our surveillance in one central command centre, the cost per system is lowered without losing any effectiveness. Contact us to schedule an initial inspection to determine the system suited to your needs.