Build a Security System that Evolves with You – Adeva & Avigilon Alta

Build a Security System that Evolves with You – Adeva & Avigilon Alta

Adeva Security: Your Partner in Open Platform Cloud Security

As security threats evolve, so must the way we protect our businesses. At Adeva Security, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t enough. That’s why we’re proud to offer Avigilon Alta, a cutting-edge open-platform cloud security solution that puts control in your hands.

What Makes Open Platforms So Powerful?

Avigilon Alta’s open design means you’re not locked into a single vendor’s ecosystem. It works seamlessly with third-party hardware and specialized software, allowing you to shape a security system tailored to your specific needs.

Benefits of Alta with Adeva Security

  • Smart Transitions: Upgrade to the cloud without sacrificing your existing cameras, access control, etc. We guide you through the ideal hybrid setup, maximizing your investment while introducing powerful cloud features.
  • The Perfect Fit: We help you find the hardware/software mix that addresses your unique pain points. From advanced visitor management to seamless integration with your operational tools – Alta can be molded to your workflow.
  • Built for the Future: Alta’s cloud structure delivers automatic updates, always protecting you. And if your business evolves, the open platform lets you easily change your software solutions with minimal disruption.
  • The Adeva Advantage: We don’t just install systems; we build partnerships. Our expertise helps you understand the full “openness” of Alta, guaranteeing you get maximum flexibility and long-term value.

Openness Isn’t Always Equal

Some “open platforms” offer limited options. Our team at Adeva Security helps you cut through the technical jargon. We ensure the Alta solution you implement lets you use the best-of-breed hardware and niche software the market has to offer.

The Bottom Line

With Adeva Security and Avigilon Alta, you gain a cloud security system that’s as dynamic as your business. You can make informed choices today, knowing you have the adaptability to meet tomorrow’s challenges head-on.

Contact us today to discuss how Adeva Security and Avigilon Alta can elevate your security posture!