Access Control and Intercom Systems used to enter home

Access Control and Intercom Systems used to enter home

Australia’s Best Access Control and Intercom Systems

There are a vast number of ways to add levels of security to your property. For most residential homes, a relatively basic security camera package is sufficient, however some homeowners prefer to install motion sensors as well for added security. When it comes to commercial and retail security, business and property owners often require a more complex security system that includes other integrations such as access control and intercoms. At Adeva Security, we are committed to providing quality access control, intercom and CCTV systems at affordable and competitive prices.

What is an Access Control System?

An access control system allows you to electronically grant or deny access to an area, by identifying the individual through technological recognition tools such as cards, tags, smartphones, fingerprints, biometrics and facial recognition. Adeva Security uses Dahua security systems, which are highly reliable and recognised as a quality product within the industry. By incorporating an access control system, it allows you to manage your entire property remotely, plus keep data on which individuals entered which areas at what times. By incorporating a security cameras package, it also allows you to visually observe movements and activity on the property.

Benefits of Access Control and Best IP Intercoms

Access control can be a highly useful security integration for businesses that require the entrance to specific rooms and areas to be regulated. If there are only a select few individuals that should be granted access to these areas, incorporating an access control system is a great way of mitigating this issue. It is also a lot more secure than just a lock and key, as keys can easily be stolen and copied, and locks can be picked. We also provide the best IP intercoms, like for example, a Dahua video intercom which gives you an audio and video integration to your security system. Although access control is generally used in commercial properties, intercoms are common and often used in residential settings as well. It allows you to hear and see who might be trying to enter your home and gives you the ability to deny or grant access to said individual. These security measures, such as access controls and a Dahua video intercom, integrated with a security cameras package, offers comprehensive security for your property.

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