Top Home Security Advice and Tips – Avoid Complacency

Check the Exterior of Your House

Start by checking the exterior of your home and make sure there are no broken windows or access points to your property through garages or conservatories. Unlocked garages and conservatories are often the easiest way in for opportunistic thieves to break in. We all have our daily routines of locking the most commonly used access point whilst potentially neglecting areas that have more occasional use of. Apply the same principle to any sheds or outbuildings.

Place Front and Back Sensor Lighting to Detect Movement

Inexpensive motion detection lighting systems should be installed that are triggered by any movement near your property. Ensure property wide cover by adding to the back of the house – an area that is often neglected. The back of your house will typically present the softest entry point as passing cars and the friendly eyes of your neighbours may not see this section of your home. Lighting that is triggered by light levels also helps and can be set to cover your home from dusk to dawn.

Check if Your Doors and Windows are Secure

Lock technology is changing regularly and if you have lived in a property for a long period of time do not risk becoming complacent. Getting new locks is not prohibitively expensive and in some cases, there can be the financial benefit of an insurance discount if you install the latest lock systems.

Add Security Grilles or Bars to Windows and Doors

Depending on your location and the associated crime figures, consider adding protective bars or grilles to doors and windows. The design and aesthetics of these have changed significantly in recent years and need not make your property look ugly. An added bonus is that with hot Australian summers, windows can be left open for breeze (naturally only while you are in the property).

Lock Out Opportunistic Thieves

The vast majority of home burglaries occur when an individual sees an opportunity. This may be as regularly simple as seeing a house with poor or no lighting and determining a pattern. Counter the threat by installing lights on timers that give the impression of continued occupancy while you are out at work.

Security Alarms – Change the Code Periodically

At Adeva, we naturally advocate the use of home alarms and CCTV. Well installed and maintained alarms and CCTV can be a great protective barrier. Over time however there is the danger that yu may have shared the alarm code with cleaners or trusted trades people to access the home. Change you alarm codes periodically to avoid complacency.

Install and Hide Home Security Safes

Home security safes offer an additional level of security for smaller but high ticket value items such as jewellery and personal documents such as passports. These can be bought easily and many have the functionality to be wall recessed, hidden under floor boards or within ventilation grilles so that they are not only hard to find but do not ruin the design of your room.

Reinforce your Doors and UPVC Doors

Consider an easy do it yourself addition of sash jammers or deadbolts to doors and windows. These add an added level of security and will deter burglars from trying to break through doors.

Know Where your Keys are

The most common reason homes get burgled is often down to human error or complacency. Complacency to check your non-standard entry and exit point, failure to check windows are locked and key management is often one of the weakest controls we all make. The typical scenario of the average household is that there may be two adults and two children who have key access. One household member loses their keys and the default response is to use the spare house keys before finding (if ever) the original keys. Find any missing keys before circulating spares and ensure that you all know where your keys are.

Adeva Security can provide full consultancy, installation and maintenance of both commercial and residential security systems including CCTV, burglar alarms and home automation to limit the opportunities burglars have. Call our team on 1300 773 633 to see how we may be able to help.