Tips for Hiding Personal Items from Burglars

While CCTV and the latest business and home security technology will work as a very strong deterrent, outright impenetrable defence or in the worst case a means to prosecute if the CCTV has video recording capabilities, it is always worth taking additional measures to hide irreplaceable, critical or highly valuable smaller items. As the saying goes, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. This article looks at how you can take extra care of these items and hide them within your home or business, providing an additional layer of security.

Use the Security of a Safe

The first go to item to consider is a safe and these are easy to get hold of either through a specialist locksmith or safe provider or in some case through online retailers depending on the safe.

Your traditional standalone steel safe may not be practical for the home environment but in the business setting with potentially more floor space these are feasible. For residential security ease of mind, there are a multitude of ingenious safes that can be wall mounted, hidden in cupboards or recessed within the floor. While they may not have huge storage capacity, smaller safes can be used to store important documents such as passports, wills, house deeds, jewellery and items that may not commercial value but huge sentimental value such as negatives or copies of photos. Many safes also come with fire resistance capabilities and will add further protection in the event of a fire.

Hidden Hiding Places

A brief search across the internet will show many ingenious small storage security products that can be easily incorporated into the domestic or even commercial environment to hide items of value. Many are hidden in plain sights such as decoy food tins, hidden shelves, removable floor boards and again provide a further means to hide items.

One item that we would not however recommend is the outside “key hide” which can be used to hide a spare key to the property. These are typically something like a fake man-made stone with a recess for the spare key. These items however do tend to stick out like sore thumbs and the seasoned would be burglar will be trained to find these. If found, they can also invalidate any insurance claims.

Use Hard to Access Places

If the item you want to hide is not regularly used, there are often places within the house that are not within easy or immediate access to hide them. This might include a loft or basement but again take vigilance with placing items in places like this – do not try this with items that you regularly use or there is the danger that over time complacency creeps in and your forgot to hide them.

At Adeva, we suggest that you use the latest home or business security systems as your first barrier of defence. Adeva can audit, plan, install and maintain your security systems. Talk to our team of today on 1300 773 633 to see how we can help make your home not only more secure but also to share our knowledge of security measures to deter thieves.