Is your home at risk?

Budget Direct’s new survey reveals how Australians are leaving their homes open to attack.


A recent survey conducted by Budget Direct Home Insurance has revealed some alarming statistics when it comes to Home Security. The average Australian is leaving themselves open and vulnerable to attack from burglars and thieves without even knowing it. With a 3% increase from 2016 in home invasions and only one in three people owning home security, now is the time to re-evaluate your home’s defences and the measures you take to maintain it.

Here are some ways you can get ahead of the curve and make your home less of a target for criminals.

Tidy your loose ends

If you’re one of the 21% of Australians who feels their home is safe enough without home security, it might be time to do some extra housekeeping.

58% of Australians feel comfortable enough to allow couriers to leave online purchases at their front door. Not only does this jeopardise the contents of your delivery, but it also indicates to burglars that the rest of your home security might be just as sloppy. By opting for signed delivery or rerouting your parcels to your place or work, you’re eliminating a weak link in your home’s protection.

Are you guilty of leaving your keys on the kitchen counter in the morning and relying on the spare key under the doormat? You’re not alone, 35% of respondents said they leave a spare key outside of their home. This is one of the quickest ways for a burglar to gain entry to your home in a quick and quiet manner. It also can be the first thing that they check for. So unless your key is hidden in a place even you have trouble finding, don’t rely on a burglar overlooking your hidey spot.

House key under door mat

Budget Direct’s Report revealed 35% of respondents have left a spare key outside their home.


Don’t underestimate the burglar

Of the 1000 survey respondents who took part, 47% said that they believed a “Guard Dog” sign would deter a burglar from choosing their home. Another 36% assumed a fake security camera would also be enough to persuade a burglar to select a new target.

However Evan Comb, Director of Adeva Security, said that it was only real security cameras that acted as a huge deterrent to burglars.

“83 percent of the offenders said they would attempt to determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary, and 60 percent said they would seek an alternative target.”

When you consider that four out of five burglars are opportunistic and select their targets based on observation alone, ensuring that your home does not present an easy target is essential to protecting your home and family.

Protect your home in multiple ways

While 31% of respondents who didn’t own home security claimed that they couldn’t afford it, security options have never been more affordable and accessible. With customisable smart options such as remote monitoring and push notifications to your smart device, monitoring your home’s security from anywhere in the world is now a reality. The 5% of respondents who felt that home security sounded too complex will be pleased to know how easy smart device technology has rendered modern security systems.

Barriers to home security: Budget Direct

The above graph displays the complete responses from respondents for not installing home security.


Evan Comb recommends viewing the video quality of the product you’re purchasing to ensure it will meet your expectations.

“We see customers pay for the installation, only to be disappointed that the product cannot deliver the video quality they expected.”

Ensuring the quality of the video feed is important when considering submitting the footage as evidence in court or for insurance claims. While the video footage might not be able to stop the burglar from entering your home, it can help authority figures apprehend the criminals responsible and help prevent further attacks.

Another way to ensure your home’s continual safety is to invest in Home and Contents Insurance. 69% of Australians already own contents insurance to cover them in the event of a break-in, demonstrating that as a nation we are more prepared for the fallout of a burglary rather than take active measures to prevent them.



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