Home security tips when you are away on holiday

Australia as a nation is fortunate to have a higher than globally average number of public and paid holidays depending on which state you live in. We Australians love holidays, and given that we are a large nation geographically, many tend to take overseas trips – ensuring home security while on holiday is important and at Adeva we are pleased to share our home security tips while you are away on holiday.

Check that your security systems are fully functional

As a provider of residential CCTV and other home security products, we naturally recommend that you have adequate security technology in place to include CCTV that records and documents movements as well as a robust alarm system. Regular maintenance checks throughout the year should be carried out to ensure that home security products are working fully, there are no blind spots in CCTV coverage and critically that recordings are being stored in the event of any home intrusion while away.

Stop usual deliveries and services

If you have regular deliveries such as newspapers or groceries, ensure that you cancel these as a growing pile of unattended deliveries is a clear indicator of an unattended home. Plan ahead of your holidays to make sure that any online purchases are not delivered while you are away.

Enlist to your trusted neighbours

Assuming you have a good relationship with your neighbours then do the annual trade of helping each other out. Let your neighbours know where and when you are going, provide them with means of contacting you and enlist them as a second pair of eyes while you are away. Based on the relationship you have with them, ask your neighbours to call by the house periodically to move the post and other items that could indicate an empty household.

Check all locks

We all fall into potential complacency – particularly large families when someone is almost guaranteed to be at home and often leave sheds, outdoor buildings and window locks unsecured. Ahead of leaving the house empty for a holiday, check that all sheds, access points, garage doors, window locks and the such are secure.

Look as if you’re home

Tap into some of the great smart technology that is coming into the market such as smart lighting, audio technology and other items. If you have smart lighting, program lights to come on and off at random night times to give the impression of people being in the home. Audio devices such as Alexa or Google Home can also be programmed to play music or radio stations at specified times in the day – again providing the illusion of the house not being empty.

Be careful of broadcasting your holiday plans

In this ever-omnipresent social media world, make sure that you do not blanket broadcast your holiday plans to all and sundry. Many social media users fail to properly secure their accounts and can inadvertently let everyone know of their plans to holiday. Posting updates while on holiday can also be a direct notification that you are nor at home.

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