Security System Maintenance by adeva employee

Security System Maintenance by adeva employee

Reliable Security Camera System Repairs in Australia

After installing a security system, whether it’s for your home, your business or another commercial property, there is bound to be a time when the equipment either gets damaged, or experiences technological difficulties. Adeva Security has an extensive group of highly trained and dedicated support staff across Australia, that will be there for all your security system repair service needs.

Prioritising Customer Care

At Adeva Security, we pride ourselves on providing the best security system repair service and customer services possible and strive to ensure that all our clients are 100% satisfied with the services that we offer them. Even if your security system was not installed by Adeva Security, our technical support team will be happy to look and do everything we can to get it up and running again, so that you can feel safe. If you are not satisfied with our CCTV installation service, we guarantee to send out a new team of technicians to fix any errors that may have occurred. Furthermore, if you want to upgrade your equipment to something more sophisticated, we will be more than happy to help you do that too, by offering a CCTV camera replacement service.

Security System Maintenance

As well as a quality CCTV installation service, our support team do more than just fix your equipment when something has gone wrong, we also provide regular maintenance services. The security of your property, whether it’s your home or business, should not be understated, and it is for this reason that we encourage regular maintenance checks, done by a professional, on all components of your security system, at least once a year. You should also check and maintain your equipment yourself at least once a month. That can be as simple as ensuring your cameras are clean and are still pointing in the direction that they should be. Neglecting maintenance of your security system could expose you to risk of theft, property damage and vandalism.

If you require maintenance on any of your security system devices and equipment, or require a CCTV camera replacement, call us on 1300 773 633 or contact us online

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