Gas Station and Carpark Security and Maintenance

Top Surveillance for Australian Petrol Stations and Carparks

Today’s petrol stations act as far more than just a place to fill up your fuel tank. They now commonly feature self-serve coffee, a wide range of food and beverages and a place to pump up your tyres. All of this on top of their main purpose of providing petrol and diesel for your vehicle. Keep in mind, with all these different services that gas stations are now offering, they are still usually only manned by a single staff member. They are also often 24/7 outlets, or at least open until late at night. With such a small amount of human presence on site, and the fact that they are often the favoured place for a late-night snack by party goers, the need for a quality security system cannot be understated.

How to Best Monitor Petrol Stations

Gas stations often work with very slim margins and have a lot of competition, which means any loss in revenue can prove to be substantial and detrimental to the business. It is firstly imperative to monitor the pumps themselves to avoid drive aways. This can be done by placing easily noticeable and visible CCTV cameras directly above each pump, which should deter potential thieves from driving away without paying for their fuel. We also recommend installing a monitored back to base security alarm system, that has panic button integrations for staff use. This can prove useful late at night, as at these times, the gas station is often only manned by a single employee. CCTV for gas stations has proven to reduce the risk of crime by a substantial amount.

Petrol Station and Carpark Security Packages

Our highly trained and experienced security system experts at Adeva Security can tailor the best surveillance systems for gas stations and car parks. Our packages incorporate alarm systems, CCTV for gas stations, alarm response and monitoring, panic buttons and integrated emergency response methods. By incorporating these security systems, you can provide active deterrence to thieves, provide real time response to break-ins and theft, keep video records on any crime related incidences and monitor and identify internal and external safety concerns.

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