safety and security of children is moniroted by a CCTV camera.

Prioritising Child Care Safety Throughout Australia

When parents leave their children in childcare centres and schools, they expect a greater and more thorough level of security than any other commercial enterprise. Looking at it from a societal point of view, children are the most precious, yet vulnerable investments to our future. Therefore, it makes sense that these environments should provide the most extensive and comprehensive childcare security systems, to ensure that no harm can come to them. The quality of the security systems that you use in childcare centres and schools cannot and should not be compromised.

Things to Consider for Child Care Safety

There are numerous aspects to child care safety that need to be considered, including preventing hazards, reducing the risk of food allergies and ensuring that all children are being looked after equally. When it comes to childcare security systems, it is important to have the correct measures in place to ensure that no unauthorised guardians or unwanted visitors are entering the property, as well as ensuring that the carers are doing their jobs properly and taking proper care of their kids and students. As well as considering the safety of the children, it is also vital to put measures in place that will effectively protect the property against potential theft, vandalism, and damage. Adeva Security are Australia’s trusted experts in customising security systems to fit the needs of all properties, including schools and childcare centres.

Our Security Systems for Childcare

Our trusted team of professionals will do more than just customise and install security systems for childcare centres and schools. We will also train your staff on how to use it, and how to best monitor and capture all necessary video. By incorporating an integrated security system, that includes panic buttons for carers and teachers, access control, CCTV surveillance equipment and alarm response systems, you can reduce the risk of child harm and injury, as well as property damage and theft.


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