How far can a security camera see at night?


Whether you’re looking to protect your home or business, it’s important that you properly utilise technology to ensure all your belongings, staff and family are safe. One way that you can do this is by using security cameras. If you’re looking to safeguard a large area, then it’s important that you know how far your […]

Which country has the most burglaries?

Barbed Wire Fence

Whether you’re emigrating, relocating, planning a holiday, or just considering the safety of your own neighbourhood, knowledge of crime rates can be quite important. Not all countries are equally safe, and it’s important you’re prepared for any foreign visit, regardless of whether it’s for a business trip, a holiday or an extended stay. In this […]

What is the most secure building in the world?

Secure Building

With dead-bolted doors, alarm systems and potentially even CCTV, there’s a good reason why many of us feel most secure when we’re at home. However, as much as we secure our homes, the measures we take are often insignificant when we compare them to the most secure buildings in the world. There’s no definitive building […]

The Future of Building Security

Brisbane City Office Buildings

Some years ago, “smart water” was the talk of the security industry and all homes were expected to take up this revolutionary security application. Smart water placed a specific liquid and forensically traceable footprint that could be traced and lead to prosecution, but it has not taken off in the domestic environment successfully. Not all […]

How Internet of Things has changed home security

IOT Laptop

The internet and Internet of Things has changed home security It is often hard to believe that within a relatively small timescale – the early 1990s – that the internet and associated technology has become not only omnipresent, but applicable and valuable to almost every aspect of our lives. Around 2016, a new term was […]

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